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HP laptops

Hp laptops are indeed great products and it’s worth buying them brand new, but in case you don’t have enough money to do this you can apply for a refurbished or used variant and these come cheaper. In this topic we chose to speak about HP gadgets in general and from the first moment we can admit the fact that these are really effective and won’t definitely let you down!

HP has various products for the consumers in order to reach all tastes and all the buyers are contempt of the laptops that they just acquired. So let’s see what does this great brand has reserved for us!

HP Mini

HP has different categories of laptops from where you can choose and here they are: there are the Mini laptops that we’ve presented some time ago, laptops for everyday computing from which we described some products, there are also the ultra-portable, the high performance and ENVY gadgets and we can’t imagine the fact that these are unknown to you….

Also, let’s mention some words about these gadgets in general, about these categories to be more specific, and we’re sure that you’ll make a general idea and that you will know exactly what you want from now on!

HP Mini2

The Mini series of laptops are ideal to be carried all around the places you go. These gadgets are really thin, lightweight and small and all these features permit you to do this. Mini laptops from HP can be found in different colors, suiting every type of personality and you can find them in display sizes of 10.1” to 11.6”. Besides these proprieties we have to mention also the starting price of $279.99, which is kind of great, don’t you think so?

The everyday computing category says it all! These lines of gadgets have essential features for those people that need their mobile computer all day long. We just can’t imagine such a laptop without a long battery life resistance or with a strong Intel processor.

Everyday Computing

These gadgets have different colors in which they can be found and you can find their displays between 15.6” to 17.3”. The starting prices of these gadgets are $429.99 and it’s kind of great too!

Everyday Computing2

There are also the ultra-portable laptops that are light and thin and will being you marvelous features and technical support, while you’re on the run. You can find these gadgets’ displays between 12.1” to 14.1” and these have a starting price of $529.99.


The next category is that of the high performance laptops! These offer you great entertainment features with extra power, top quality graphics and Blu-ray. All of these laptops can be found in different colors and have display sizes of 15.6” to 18.4 and let’s not forget also about the starting price of $699.99.

High Performance

The ENVY laptops are all about luxury; these laptops are designed from the latest materials and innovations. Let’s not forget also the most important thing about these gadgets: the fact that they have up to 10 hours of battery life! Their display sizes have from 13.1” to 15.6” and the starting price for this line is $1,299.99.


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