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HP Mini 311

Here’s a neat gadget and petite in the same time and be sure that it’s going to be pretty useful in your carrying case or backpack whenever your decide to go on a travelling experience or you simply want to get advantage of a lightweight netbook. And speaking of carrying sleeves you can find the appropriate one for this gadget around the price of $22 and you won’t regret it be sure of that. Before jumping to this gadget’s features let’s mention exactly about what product we’re talking about: HP Mini 311.

The 11.6” HD screen will turn out to be useful every time you want to watch a movie or something like that, also be sure that the content and the quality of this gadget can be placed on the highest level of quality.

HP Mini 311 1

You can jump from Windows XP to Windows 7 Premium and use these functions in a more simple way. This variant of Windows operating system, permits you to easily remain connected to public hotspots, you can search even faster now and this is due to the Internet Explorer 8 browser and you easily get around and things are done rapidly with the help of the streamlined navigation.

The HP Mini 311 is great looking and you won’t encounter any problems when it comes to its usage and let’s not forget also that it’s very easy to carry around. let’s see some other things related to this gadget: the great looking external lid with the swirl print (which can be found in black or white tones), you have easy access to all the internet’s applications and functions, the Intel Atom processor is reliable and you can be sure that all the things you intend on doing are manageable to you, there’s also 1GB of system memory, 160GB  HDD that can be upgraded to 320GB, through the USB ports you can transfer data from your device to others and the HP QuickSync software is already installed and makes everything easier.

HP Mini 311 2

The integrated wireless LAN permits you to use the internet no matter where you are and let’s mention also that you can apply for the Bluetooth as well and it’s optional in this case. There’s the optional Qualcomm Gobi technology that permits you to stay connected at speeds up to broadband….

The HDMI port permits you to see your favorite movies on a large HDTV and the VGA webcam makes sure that you can stay connected with your family no matter where you are and you can easily maintain video conferences without any problems.

Some other great features around the HP Mini 311 are: the external Blu-ray that is ideal when it comes to viewing movies, the integrated card reader, the NVIDIA ION LE and the Lansing speakers as well.

HP Mini 311 3

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