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HP Pavilion dm1z

In case you were looking for an ultra portable laptop it seems that we’ve got just the right solutions here and this time it comes from Hp, under the name of HP Pavilion dm1z series. This one has a starting price of $449.99 and from the lines to come you’re going to read about all the features concerning it and you won’t remain disappointed you can be sure of this thing.

This laptop is considered to be one of the lightest gadgets from HP and it’s really slim and really powerful in the same time. Also, it has a nice price and it’s a good bargain if we come to think of it. Let’s see exactly all the things concerning this laptop, shall we?

HP Pavilion dm1z 2

So, this laptop from the HP Pavilion dm1z series has an AMD Neo mobile processor with dual core options, also the Windows 7 Home Premium operating system will turn out to be more than effective in all the things that you intend on doing and you’re not going have any question marks raised.

The 11.6” display will definitely turn out to be useful in all the things you intend on doing, like watching a movie, gaming or simply blog and stuff like that.

HP Pavilion dm1z 4

There’s also the 2GB DDR3 system memory that can be upgraded to 5GB and this will be more than useful for your processor, because you’re going to be able to multitask without encountering any difficulties.

The 250GB HDD is ideal when it comes to storing all your files, applications and all the things you want to. Let’s not forget that it can be upgraded to a variant of 500GB which means extra space for your documents and files and this is a wonderful thing if we come to think of it.

HP Pavilion dm1z 3

Another thing that we need to specify is the fact that this laptop has a comfortable keyboard that has 92% surface of a normal keyboard and this means that your fingers won’t stumble one into the other every time you’re typing.

You can burn as many CDs and DVDs as you wish due to the optional external drive and there’s also a Blu-ray drive, which is external and ideal for watching HD movies.

The 6 cell battery will make sure that you’re going to be able to keep your laptop turned on for about 5 and a half hours and this will be a great thing, because it means that you can drag your laptop in all the places you intend on going. Did we convince you to purchase it? Well, we should have!

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