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HP Pavilion dm4t series

The laptops from the HP Pavilion dm4t series can be described as being reliable and really gorgeous in the same time. You can definitely do so many things with the help of these gadgets and you won’t get bored in the same time. Also, you can use these in the business purpose for your workplace and so on…. With a starting price around $729.99, you can be sure that these won’t let you down and most certainly that these are effective in the same time.

These are lightweight laptops that we’re sure you’re going to enjoy pretty much and the 14” LED display will definitely be useful in all the things you intend on doing, in your multimedia applications as well as for your daily activities.

So, let’s see exactly what is this laptop all about, shall we? Well, first of all we want to mention that it is rally lightweight, it’s really thin and the 14” display that we’ve just mentioned about is type bright view. Another thing that we need to mention about concerns the island-style keyboard that will definitely be really comfortable to use and you won’t encounter any problems while you’re doing it.
The HP logo will light out every time you turn on your computer and this is a special thing in comparison with other brands, this offers a cool look and really gorgeous in the same time.

The fact that the battery life resists up to 6.5 hours is a thing that pleases us pretty much. This means that you can get advantage of your laptop’s features no matter where you find yourself and this is definitely a great thing.

The Intel Core i5 processor ahs the turbo boost technology and this means ultra power features for your gadget and multitasking features all the way. You can upgrade this processor type to the Intel Core i7 option for an extra amount of money. These are things that will definitely please you, the consumer and us for being able to expose these to you.

Another thing that makes sure your gadget functions properly and in a gorgeous manner refers to the Windows 7 Home Premium operating system that is really useful in the same time and that will definitely not involve and questions or any difficulties.

The HDMI input makes sure you can see your favorite movies on a large display and this is another thing that pleases us pretty much!

There’s the HP TrueVision webcam that will definitely work even if the surrounding light doesn’t help you and the input microphone makes sure that you can maintain video conferences and discussions as much as you want and wish.

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