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HP Pavilion dv6t

We had review over one HP Pavilion gadget from the series dv3, this time we picked the HP Pavilion dv6t series, because its price seemed really interesting: the starting price is $699.99. The gadget has a perfect coordination between all the elements: great visual performance, great dimensions and high mobility!

This series has in its name the word “entertainment”, which is quite a good thing, because you’ll probably never get bored with it and it will be in your help every time… it will entertain you and will show you its multimedia secrets….

Let’s start with the 15.6” high-definition display that will always be at “your feet” when you’re going to see all those great “Family Guy” episodes at the highest quality ever. Everything will seem so vivid and you’ll feel as if you’re a part of what you’re viewing.

You have the genuine Windows 7 that will help you in your daily activities! You can browse easily on the Internet with the help of the Internet Explorer 8 and let’s not forget that if you pick the optional Windows 7 Professional Edition you’ll have the Windows XP mode. You can pick the XP mode if you’ve chose certain hardware options.

HP pavilion dv6t2

Besides its entertaining features and helpful options with the Windows 7, you have also some features that will certainly delight you in such manner that you’ll immediately decide to buy this gadget. Between these specifications we want to underline: interesting appearance with the “liquid metallic” aspect, elegance, and you can choose between large ranges of colors in order to personalize your dv6t notebook. What’s more interesting about this gadget’s aspect is that the logo on the external lid lights up when you open it! Isn’t that great?

HP pavilion dv6t3

Regarding the technical features, we want to mention that this product has at the basis the new Intel Core processors, starting from the i3 and ending with the i5! You can choose between them and there’s a difference of money, of course. Another thing that you may want to know about is the Nvidia GeForce graphics, which brings you high performance! Just think: multitasking without having any problems, it sounds great indeed.

HP pavilion dv6t4

You’ll be able to get advantage of the Wi-Fi features, talk with your loved ones, use the webcam to see each other and chat for hours. Watch movies in HD qualities and exchange files between your phone and your notebook. This is entertainment, and we’ve spoken about these features in general! You’ll see that it’s much more about this mobile gadget!

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