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HP Pavilion dv6z series

We’ve mentioned about the HP Pavilion dv6z series in several of our reviews, but we didn’t quite get to make a review on it. Ok, so this is our topic for this article and we hope that you enjoy reading about it. We’re going to start with the most interesting thing about it, like the fact that it has a starting price of $579.99. How about that? Well, it doesn’t seem that much to us, but let’s exactly see what it has for us….

Well, we definitely should start with the fact that the latest AMD processors will definitely offer you the right amount of power that you need and also you’re going to get a lot of entertaining features and functions from this laptop. Also multitasking won’t be a problem and we’re certain that you’re going to enjoy using one of these laptops pretty much.

HP Pavilion dv6z series 3

Everything gets simplified due to the Windows 7 Home Premium operating system variant, or the Windows 7 Professional or Windows 7 Ultimate optional.

The 15.6” diagonal HD Brightview display will definitely seem an interesting feature and it’s going to be pretty useful in the same time. How is that? Well, of course it will be great every time you’re multitasking and stuff like that! And not only! You’re going to see a lot of movies, blog and do all your daily activities in a very gorgeous manner.

There’s the intuitive island-style keyboard which won’t be hard at all to be used, there’s also the vertical one touch action key that will help you in your daily activities of e-mailing and web surfing. There’s also the keypad that is easy to use as well and it’s large in the same time.

HP Pavilion dv6z series 2

The Wi-Fi features are going to help you every time you’re on the run and this is a gorgeous thing! You’re going to be able to keep in touch with your dearest ones as well as making sure that you can download all your favorite files and stuff like that. Also, communicating with your friends and relatives will be an easy thing to do due to the HP TrueVision webcam and the Dolby Advanced Audio will offer you an interesting and engaging experience when it comes to listening.

The built0in HP ProtectSmart will protect your data in case it happens for you to drop your gadget or something like that. Also the hard drives will be able to receive a free space and capacity that goes up to 1TB and this will definitely seem more than enough

.HP Pavilion dv6z series 4

Indeed, it’s an interesting gadget and we’re sure that all of these from the HP Pavilion dv6z series will please you as a consumer.

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