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HP sleeves for notebooks and laptops

Besides the accessories that mean adaptors and different wires and not only, we have to think of every detail when we buy a mobile gadget, like a laptop or a notebook. The big brands have solutions for all these details and have also online shops for bags, back packs and different such objects especially meant to protect the gadget you’re buying from them. We will take as example the HP brand, which offers you a great range of briefcases or sleeves that help you carry around your gadget with the minimum difficulty. We’ve decided to take into consideration some of these accessories and present them to you from our point of view….

The first accessory is quite good looking, it’s black and it has some nice pink models on it. It’s designed especially for a HP Mini! It has a girlish aspect and it will surely help you carry around your notebook everywhere you decide to go. It has a dual zipper pull, which means that your gadget is in safety! Let’s not forget to mention that it has a velvet interior that will help your gadget from harms and it will avoid scratches. The exterior part is also durable! You can carry this sleeve in the hand or you can place it in another bag! What kind of gadgets can you place in it? Well those which have displays up to 10.2”!

HP sleeves for notebooks and laptops

Similar to the accessory presented above is this product: another black sleeve which seems especially designed for men, but it can be adopted by women also! This sleeve has some circles as models and it looks nice and elegant. Like the one presented above, it seems to be especially designed for gadgets that have up to 10.2” displays! It’s easy to carry around and you can place it in another bag if you feel unsatisfied.

HP sleeves for notebooks and laptops 2

There’s also a great looking sleeve that has a handle, which makes carrying around much easier. This sleeve is black and it has the HP “Expresso” pattern! It’s easy to carry it around with you and it’s meant for notebooks and laptops that have the display size up to 16”. Say bye to scratches or eventual accidents, the material from which the sleeve is made will protect perfectly the gadget and you can be sure that it stays comfy inside! Place your other accessories or documents in an external pocket, made especially to be at your help.

HP sleeves for notebooks and laptops 3

The last model we want to mention about is a black sleeve that can accept laptops up to the 11.6” size display. This accessory provides extra reliability due to the material from which is made of, it has a velvet interior that makes the situation easier, it has also a handle in order to carry it along with you better.

HP sleeves for notebooks and laptops 4

Depending on the size of your laptop or notebook’s display you may pick one of these models of accessories, but if you buy yourself a HP gadget you’ll surely have the opportunity of acquisitioning one of the sleeves.

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