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HP stands for notebooks

Some great accessories that certainly help a mobile gadget are the docking products. These kinds of assets help your notebook or laptop stay in a great position and you can get advantage of its features freely. We now recommend you some HP accessories that have good starting prices and we hope that this topic is useful for you.

The first such accessory is the notebook stand for the HP tx series. This great looking stand will make your HP Pavilion tx2000 or tx1000 stay in a comfortable position for you. You can adjust this accessory in the most convenient position for you. There’s also the “kickstand” support that permits you to position the notebook in a 45 degree or 20 degree angle.

The screen can be put in a horizontal or vertical orientation, pick between them and see what suits you the most.Also you should take into consideration the fact that you need perfect access to the ports and you have to maintain the near space empty.

The stylus can be placed in a holder, which makes everything easier for you. The stand has a supporting leg that permits you to move the gadget from a place to another without encountering any difficulties or being scared of the fact that your gadget may fall.

This accessory is perfectly compatible with the HP tx1000, HP tx2000 and HP tx2 series of notebooks. If you possess one of the models mentioned previously you should think of acquiring such a product, which by the way has a great starting price of $49.99.

HP Universal Notebook Stand

For those that feel that their notebook doesn’t belong in their laps or simply on the desk we have a helping solution that regards the HP Universal Notebook Stand. This product has a starting price of $49.99 and it’s compatible with laptops or notebooks that have maximum 17”displays.

This stand helps your gadget stay in a great 40 degree angle and makes it perfectly to view videos or movies if you’re sitting on a chair.

This stand will connect to your gadget through a single USB port and also it has other four USB ports for plugging in peripherals. You won’t need a separate monitor for all the things that you indent on doing….

And we were mentioning previously about the four peripherals and these include: the mouse, storage device, keyboard and printer. Also you can use this stand for charging USB peripherals like cameras and phones and it doesn’t matter if the laptop is connected or not.

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