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HP TouchSmart tm2t

We just couldn’t take our eyes for a few seconds over this product. The external lid seemed to have a great impact on us! We consider this a good thing, because we decided to make a review over this product and you’re the first beneficiary! We’re speaking about the HP TouchSmart tm2t series: does it ring a bell to you?

Let’s start first with facts! On the official site of the producing site you can find this product at a starting price of $899.99. It depends on your budget how you consider it: affordable or real expensive….

In comparison with a normal laptop, this gadget has numerous pros and these include: taping, browsing, writing and drawing with the help of a pencil on the screen. As you a see it’s much more interactive than a normal gadget. Maybe sometimes you won’t even feel the necessity of using the keyboard; you’ll begin to make fusses with this product…. Who knows?!

HP TouchSmart tm2t2

Your daily activities will be clearly eased and with the help of its wonderful features you’re going to feel an extraordinary mobile device experience. With the help of the streamlined navigation, you’ll have events and news at your feet, with the Internet Explorer 8 you’re going to be able to surf on the Internet faster…. It depends on you if you choose the Windows 7 Professional, which is most of all genuine: it offers you a Windows XP mode.

Besides the Windows 7 Home Premium, the TouchSmart tm2t has other great features about it: a great looking aluminum chassis (which we saw from the first time) that has also an interesting model on it, there’s also the 12.1” display which is touch screen of course and it has BrighView function, the full keyboard, powerful Intel CULV processor that assure your gadget a long battery life and many others which we are going to mention in the lines to come. So, up until now we’ve presented only great things about this gadget. Let’s see if we do the same thing in what follows….

HP TouchSmart tm2t3

The ATI Mobility Radeon graphics card represents also a big plus, offering your pc top quality! You’ll be able to store up to 500 GB of music, videos and pictures. The tablet pc will be always kept cool because it has a special design that does this. Your data will be saved from the moment you buy this gadget: you have the HP ProtectSmart feature which saves the hard drivers, in case you drop your gadget and also the finger print reader to prevent theft.

HP TouchSmart tm2t4

You’ll be able to use this gadget for about 10 hours and it is meant especially to be carries around, it can be also described through its high portability quality. The screen has the function of being rotated in what side you wish and it won’t be damaged for sure. You can even play and see if you’re able to see movies for we don’t know what angle….

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