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Intel’s great processors

We’ve been speaking and speaking about the new processors from Intel and mentioned them in about every notebook or laptop releases! So, let’s take every type of new processor and let’s talks a little bit about them, separately!

Let’s start with the New 2010 Intel Core i7 processor. What’s so special about it? You can rely on it and enjoy at maximum the multitasking features! You’ll be able to do many things with your gadget in the same time (we’re speaking about programs or games). This is an ultimate product that characterizes itself by smart performance, meaning a great combination of large cache size and higher frequency! When you need extra performance from your gadget the Turbo Boost Technology will certainly be at help and will help you save power and have also great results in what you do! The Intel Hyper- Threading technology can be described as being a 8-way or 4-way multitask feature that permits each core of your processor to do two processes in the same time at the same performance as doing only one task!

The Intel Core i5 processor offers you great performance with speed boost. It has also the Intel Hyper-Threading Technology that is characterized through 4-way multitasking processes! And you already know what it means: each core works for two tasks at the same time, giving you in this way a great experience. You’ll be able to use your gadget calmly and it won’t get any problems! The Intel HD Graphics will give you a great video experience: powerful colors, sharpened images, rich colors and a certain touch of life to the video documents! You’ll be able to get advantage of videos from your laptop or notebook or from the Internet without any problems or with a messy gadget that works in slow motion!

The final part we’re going to talk about is the New 2010 Intel Core i3 Processor! You’ll be able to have a fast and rigorous experience with this processor! Say goodbye to waiting for your laptop to respond to your tasks! Everything is fast like out changing times! this system has also an Intel Hyper-Threading Technology that permits multitasking, meaning you’ll get your applications to work in the same time and you’ll simply be enchanted with the effects! The Intel HD Graphics permits you to see wonderful footage and videos in clearness and with all the great features included! You’ll be able to play your favorite games and see your favorite movies without facing any problems!

As you can see, there are all the reasons for the new notebooks and laptops to contain these three types of processors! They offer reliability, great performance, multitasking features and everything will be just wonderful if your gadget has as basis one of the new series of processors, meaning: Intel Core i3, Intel Core i5, or Intel Core i7!

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