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Invisible Laptop Shield

The design of Laptops continues to get better and better. With the likes of Apple, Dell, and Fujitsu – dimensions and look will continue to improve. The latest release of the iPad it doesn’t look like any of these companies will be slowing innovation anytime soon.

Because we are interested in the long term usability of your laptop we have teamed up with InvisibleSkinz.com to give our readers 15% off all laptop cover on their site. InvisibleSkinz.com is a leading online dealer of the Invisible Shield, a remarkably durable cover that is practically invisible.

Laptop Invisible SHIELD

The Invisible Shield is made of a polyurethane material that was originally used in the military. It was used to protect helicopter blades in very rough conditions. Now they have adapted the same material to protect your laptop. The shield goes on clear and you hardly notice that it is there. If you are interested you can visit the site at:

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