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Laptop skins for ladies

Notebook and laptop skins are specially designed to protect the external lid from scratches, dust and the exterior factors that may damage the aspect of the gadget. Most of you may prefer to keep your thingy in the manner that you bought it, considering that it isn’t relevant to adorn it with a skin! We’re different and have also different tastes. But let’s think a minute! Don’t ladies usually apply a certain skin on the external lid of the notebook or laptop? And why do they do that? To feel unique and to make their gadget unique! It’s a very good thing, so let’s see some skins especially designed for ladies!

Sony Vaio cover skin

The first and most vivid product is certainly Sony VAIO with its specially designed crocodile skins that come in several nuances: pink, violet and brown! These are very stylish skins and seem to suit those girls in need of attention, because their notebook will certainly make sensation and this skin is a must have for those ladies that already posses a Sony VAIO gadget!

Sony vaio crocodile skin

Dell laptops skins

Dell Inspiron’s range of colored skins for notebooks seems to please everybody’s tastes, both the girls and the boys. As today we’re dedicating this section to the ladies, we’ll speak only about the feminine part. So, you have a large range of colors, which include pink, yellow, green and even white. It depends on your preferences! And speaking about Dell, it also has nice skins for the line of Dell Mini, with flowers and really nice motifs that make your gadget look plumpy and cute!


Apple laptops skins

Apple has some girlish laptop skins also, with floral motifs with engravings on it, giving it an interesting look! Not too girlish, it’s unique in a way! The pink Apple skin is also great and is certainly girlish enough to scare a whole Neighbourhood of boys, because it has a really candy pink that makes it so adorable! The MacBook cover simply looks retro and delightful, with those floral motifs you look at it and think it’s certainly a must have, those roses look to good to be printed there!


Lowest prise here: $32.99

hello kitty laptop skins

Certainly you would like to hear of the “Hello Kitty” skin, because it’s impossible not to love such a skin, especially in a pink color and that adorable little cat! It’s simply great to see such a skin, it definitely makes your gadget look pretty and tells many things about your personality!

hello kitty laptop skin

Hello Kitty Netbook skin best price: $13.95

As you can see, you can simply buy a skin when you buy your notebook or laptop from the same place where you bought the gadget, and maybe it’s one that is especially designed for your product! In case you don’t like to offers of the skins available for your product, you may apply for other skins as long as these suit your gadget’s inches! And another thing, men usually think at pink when they speak of skins for women’s gadgets, but you can demonstrate the contrary by picking any other color and still make your gadget unique!

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