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So, you finally get to buy a good laptop, you love it, because you can do so many things with it, but you feel like something`s missing! Do you want to confer a touch of personality to your laptop? It`s no problem, because you can find several models of skin laptops, with different motifs and images and you have a big range of patterns from where you can choose!

You don`t like the glossy, external shell of your laptop entirely and you want to apply a motif on it? it`s not a problem, because you can pick skins that match the external shell of your gadget and have only a an image in the centre of that skin. Do you like head skeletons, pistols, and tornados or simply love music and want a disk on the back of your laptop? Certainly you`ll find matching models!

Are fond of art and want to copy a famous painting? There`s a nice imitation of Mona Lisa on a white background that will certainly be on your taste! If Mona Lisa doesn`t inspire you enough you may apply for other models that apply for other paintings (maybe the one you love the most)!


If your country inspires you and you`re proud that you live there, you may also apply for a skin that looks like your country`s flag! For example, if you`re an American or simply feel inspired by the United States you can buy a skin with the famous red, white and blue flag!

Every laptop seems to have a variant of skin! For example, Sony VAIO proposes a leather crocodile skin, in different glossy nuances, such as pink and dark red; these cassettes are especially made for those classy women that just love leather! Every company has its variants for skins, but you don`t necessarily need to apply for them….

Loving animals can be an inspiring theme, you can have a dolphin on your laptop, using it as a skin and making the laptop`s image more close to your heart! And speaking of heart, be sure you`d like a skin that has many, many hearts on it! These hearts will maintain you young all the time and maybe in love, who knows?!


Seasons can also be an inspiring point; you can buy an external shell that imitates nature in the different periods of the year! Autumn with the general golden aspect and the naked branches of the trees! The blue sky with white puffed clouds can be also a tempting view for those that love natures and want a piece of it on their beloved gadgets! The waves of the ocean or of the sea are also interesting as an idea, and the examples can go on and on!

If you`re more of a playful person, you can use a colored skin or even use your favorite cartoons on the external shell of the gadget! Tweety or Tom and Jerry can look great on the back of your laptop and will remind you to download those episodes that you simply loved in your childhood times!

As you can see the market is just stuffed with models of such skins and depending on the things you like the most, you can apply for a skin or another!

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