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Laptops under $100

Cheap Laptops Under 100

Have you ever thought of buying a laptop that costs under $100? Well if you did then it mans that this list will definitely be useful. Oh and for those that haven’t thought that there really are products under $100 this list will prove it and also let’s mention that these aren’t good to be placed in the waste disposal, but on the contrary…

Asus Eee PC 901

The first suggestion we have is an Asus netbook in a refurbished variant and to be more specific it’s the Asus Eee PC 901 mobile computer, with a starting price of $31.98. This netbook has 3 USB ports, an integrated webcam, a SG card reader and a Windows XP operating system. Get maximum advantage of the WiFi feature and browse on the internet every time you wish, no matter where you are: a good product that’s worth to consider buying.

Asus eee pc 901

HP Mini 110 laptop

Next on our list is the HP Mini 110 laptop with a starting price of $80. this one has a 10.1” display, a Linux operating system, an Intel Atom processor, 1.6 GHz, and with a single Core, also it has 1 GB RAM and 160 GB HDD.

HP Mini 110

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IBM ThinkPad T41

We have another amazing suggestion for you and that is IBM ThinkPad T41 2379DJU laptop. So, this mobile computer has a Windows XP Pro operating system (with many software applications that will definitely be useful for you, like Avast, Adobe Reader, Java, Flash, and Open Office and so on…), an Intel Pentium M 1.6 GHz processor, built-in wireless functions, SpeedStep technology , Intel 855PM Chipset, DDR SDRAM technology and many other amazing features; all the things that we’ve mentioned up to this moment can be found at an amazing price of $2.25, which is almost nothing. You may begin to be suspicious in the first instance and it’s a normal attitude, but these laptops work perfectly and will definitely turn out to be useful every time you choose to use them!

IBM ThinkPad T41 2374

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Another suggestion we have is the Gateway T series refurbished laptop that has a starting price of $51.01 and it’s another suspiciously cheap gadget! This one has a 15” display, with Windows XP Professional operating system, a DVDRW primary drive, an AMD Turion 64 X2 processor type with a 2 GHz processor speed and a Dual Core configuration; other things that need to be said concerning the 2 MB RAM and 250 GB HDD.

Gateway T series refurbished

Dell Inspiron 8200

Last, but not least is the Dell Inspiron 8200 refurbished laptop that can be found around the price of $39.99. this one has a 15.1” display, a Windows XP Professional operating system, a CDRW DVD Combo primary drive, a 1.6 GHz processor, 1 GB RAM and also 80 GB HDD.

Dell Inspiron iM1012-687OBK refurbished

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Only astonishing prices! If you know to pick the appropriate bargain you’ll end up with a really cheap product with great technology and lightweight. Besides these notebooks you can find a vast list of such products under $100 and these are effective and they won’t let you down as soon as you’ll press the turn on button.

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