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Lenovo essential laptops

Between the Lenovo gadgets there’s a particular category that refers to the essential laptops. These have different display sizes and can be found in different formats, configurations and prices as you’re going to see in the lines to come. Pay extreme attention when you’re reading and we hope that you find the suitable laptop in our list….

The first gadget than we want to talk about and can be found in the essential laptops list is the Lenovo G450 with a starting price of $539. This laptop has a slight design and it’s packed with a modern look. It has a 14” display that will definitely be useful every time you want to write a document or watch a movie.

Also, you can get advantage of this laptop’s features and technologies up to five hours and besides the things mentioned up to this moment we have to indicate what is the basic configuration for this gadget: the Intel Core 2 Duo processor, the Windows 7 Home Premium operating system, up to 4 GB of total memory and 320 GB HDD.


Next essential laptop is the Lenovo G455 with a starting price of $549. This laptop is ideal when it comes to the entertainment field, its graphics, video and audio quality make sure that you obtain a great mobile computer experience and see your videos and movies in top quality; besides this, you there’s the power-saving feature that makes it easier for you and so you’ll get advantage of your computer for a long time.

Next in our presentation are the specifications: the AMD Athlon II dual-core processor, the Windows 7 Home Premium operating system, 3 GB of total memory and 320 GB HDD. If we add to things already mentioned above the fact that this gadget has a 14” display and also a battery resistance life of 4 hours then all these make this laptop the perfect traveling companion.

Lenovo G455

Lenovo G460 is next in our enumeration of essential laptops with a starting price of $799. This laptop is packed in a compact design with a standard keyboard. Also, you just can observe the style that this laptop denotes from every inch and we like the way it looks.

This laptop’s specifications are: the Intel Core i5 processor, the Windows 7 Home Premium operating system, 4 GB of total memory, 500 GB HDD things to which we add the 14” widescreen display and a battery resistance up to five hours. All these elements will definitely bring you a nice computing experience and you should really think of what product suits you the most.

lenovo g460

Let’s also mention that the starting prices mentioned here are for brand new gadgets and depending on the configuration you choose you may have this priced mentioned here or a higher one. We think that all of the laptops that we’ve presented here are interesting in a way or another and if you know what you really want you can end up with a really effective gadget that is in perfect coordination with the budget you’re willing to spend. These being said we wish you good luck in your browsing!

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