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Lenovo ideapad y550

Are you a business man or a student (that`s tired of going to university) who wants to spend some quality in his or her free time? Well, no matter what age you`ve got or what job you have, the Lenovo ideapad y550 will certainly amaze you! This tiny laptop is especially designed for you and will occupy all your free time! When it comes to laptops, there`s no person that hasn’t thought of buying one, only in his head…. Now is the time to buy one, because the prices are very low and you can buy a good gadget at an advantageous price!

This little portable PC seems to fit like a glove for those that are fond of gaming… well, the fact is that we shouldn`t make discriminations, and should underline that this gadget is so cool, it can be used by all people and you can do many things with it: researching, blogging, create documents, all the tasks can be maintained in the same time, this demonstrates how powerful this Lenovo y550 is….


Lenovo ideapad y550

Another thing that`s just great about this notebook is that it has a nice wireless performance, that helps you chat with your friends through the 1.3 MP Webcam with microphone incorporated…

Now, talking about the external aspect, Lenovo y550 denotes elegance and “sincerity” in the same time, it`s external lid is brown matte and certainly is a thing that you won`t be afraid to carry with you…

It may look precious and elegant, but technical speaking is twice as good, with: an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, configuration Dual Core, which has a speed of 2.2 GHz, 4GB of RAM memory, and hard drive capacity of 320 GB, also a DVD+/-RW primary drive. It is indeed a powerful gadget, which won`t disappoint you.


Lenovo ideapad y550

This notebook has a 15.6 inch 720p LED display that makes watching movies in whatever places you want. The size of the display is a big plus and its quality is guaranteed! Besides watching movies, the internal proprieties permit you to play what game you wish and another big plus is the HDTV connection with a simple HDMI wire… 2 products in 1: TV and mobile pc in the same time, and you won`t lose your favorite serials! The audio experience is given by the Dolby Home theatre and as you can observe, there are only good things regarding Lenovo y550!

You also get an Antivirus and OneKey Rescue with the help of one button, a 6-cell Lithium-Ion battery that makes the product to last for hours and hours, an AC power cord and adapter, owner`s manual and a free USB Bluetooth adapter… it also has another 2 USB ports and eSATA.

Aren`t you convinced yet? Well, you should be, because we couldn`t find anything disappointing to this gadget. It is great, even the price is swell… and there`s no other thing to say than the fact that you should buy Lenovo Ideapad y550!

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