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Lenovo S series of netbooks

Cheap Lenovo netbooks can be definitely the products from the Lenovo S series. We suggested some of the models from this series with configurations and the most important details, but we didn’t take into account speaking about the entire series.

So, the S series of netbooks from Lenovo is all about expressive feature,s the fact that you can get advantage of wireless features no matter where you are, the lightweight construction and the HD widescreens are all about gorgeous features and this means having the perfect mobile computer as a companion in our days.
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There are two options that one can apply for whenever it comes to the S series of netbooks from Lenovo, we’re speaking about the option with 10.1” display and the other one is with 12.1”, but the former is the one that interests us.

You can place this gadget in no matter what sector of your home or in the car as well, it occupies reduced space and in the same time you can be sure that it’s going to be noticed among all the products you hold in that particular area. We have to add that it’s indeed a cheap series and that brand new it has a starting price of $369.

Lenovo S series of netbooks

Let’s start with mentioning some things about the Core technology, shall we? So, the S series of netbooks from Lenovo has the Windows 7 Home Premium operating system at the basis and the Intel Atom Processor and if you want to, you can apply for the Microsoft Office Starter 2010 as well.

As for the entertainment features you have to know about the: HD support, the Dolby audio and the stereo speakers, which are essential things to know about.

Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3/S10-3s netbooks

The other stuff that we have to add about is related to the Lenovo DirectShare feature, the APS impacr protection which is a big plus, because in the same time it makes sure that all your data is going to remain safe and the multitouch touchpad seems also an interesting feature, which we’re sure you’re going to love using.

Another important thing that we have to add about the Lenovo S series of netbooks is that it’s eco friendly and this is with the: Energy STAR compliant, the EPEAT Silver environmental rating and the RoHS compliant.

Also, the gadget is really thin and light and it measures less than one inch, you’re going to see these laptops as a piece of portable candy, due to the gorgeous colors in which they can be found!

So, you have all the reasons to apply for the Lenovo S series of netbooks, because it seems to have the right gadgets there and at the right place as well.

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