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Lenovo ThinkPad Edge review

We all love Lenovo products and we can’t avoid presenting once in a while one of its products! Such a marvellous product is ThinkPad Edge that can be characterized by simplicity and elegance in the same time. It’s a business gadget that will make your work life easier and maybe much more enjoyable!

O.k, serious external lids! You have the ThinkPad performance introduced in a bold case which shines a little bit! It’s robust and has top quality! It’s the ThinkPad Edge!

You have perfect coordination between the price and the technical features at this Lenovo gadget! It’s so reliable and really mobile that you just can’t believe your eyes! In genera, it can be describes as a powerful gadget with powerful technical features and specifications and here you have them: Windows 7 operating system, a powerful AMD dual-core processor, 13.3” widescreen that’s very light and thin, WiFi, Bluetooth and WiMax connectivity options, up to 8 hours of life battery, ultra-resistant keyboard, ThinkVantage Technology, multimedia and HD audio, web cam, 3 USB ports and a 5-in-1 card reader and also a HMDI!

This laptop has a great keyboard, which won’t be damaged really easily and also you have the famous ThinkPad TrackPoint pointing device, a multitouch touchpad with zoom and easy to scroll, let’s mention that you also have intelligent system updates!

Let’s now see with what you can accessorize your laptop with! You have a big range of products where you can choose from! The first thing we want to mention about is the laptop case, which covers properly your shiny ThinkPad Edge laptop lid! You have a Wenger Slim Case that is very light in which you can place your gadget very easily! It’s perfect when you’re on to go and also it highlights your business intentions, because it has a really serious aspect!

The next accessory we want to talk about is the 2.4 GHz Ultraslim Wireless Keyboard together with the mouse. These two products don’t have wires and they’re so easy to use! If you simply can’t get used with the laptop’s keyboard and touchpad these products are ideal for you! You won’t stumble in using them for sure!
We also propose to you a power adapter, more specific the Lenovo 90W Ultraslim ACDC cord! It will fill with power you cell phone, MP3 player and last but not least, the laptop! It’s much more easier with products like these, don’t you think so?

The last accessory we want to speak about is the external hard drive, with Lenovo USB 320 GB! Let’s not forget that you don’t need a cord with this product! It’s easy to carry aero small, lightweight in one word: portable!

The starting price point for this laptop is $579 and thinking at all the great feature it has, we could affirm that it isn’t that expensive! As mentioned before, the gadget’s price is in perfect coordination with the technical features!

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