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Lenovo ThinkPad laptops

The Lenovo ThinkPad laptops are gorgeous and you can find one between all the models exposed. Indeed, you can find great laptops not only from the point of view of the external aspect, but also through speaking about the technological features and applications. There are many models that will seem suitable for you, but you’ve already observed it from our previous reviews. Let’s also mention that you’re going to read general features concerning the ThinkPad laptops and we’re sure that you’re going to find these useful….

First of all, let’s mention about the Windows 7 Home Premium operating system which is genuine in the same time and that won’t let you down at all, you can be certain of that. There’s also the Windows 7 Lenovo Enhanced Experience PC that we want to mention about, the Intel processor technology which you definitely need to know about and there’s also room for solid-state state drives. The Microsoft Office 2007 Professional is available in a 60 day trial and be certain that it’s going to be useful as well.

The next aspects that we want to take into account when it comes to the Lenovo ThinkPad laptops concerns the multimedia and entertainment features which you really have to know about. So, let’s mention that there’s the voice over IP (VoIP) – optimized feature that you definitely need to know about….

We continue with features that concern the display and graphics and we present to you some stuff things that are also important when it comes to Lenovo ThinkPad laptops. This time we’re going to take into consideration the display and graphics: you can find in this line convertible tablets, also the laptops have premium graphics cards, there’s also the multi touch panel feature that you can find in different laptops as well. The SuperBright Outdoor panel should be also mentioned, the palm-rest digitizer and pen as well and the integrated color calibration, features that can be observed in several laptops in this particular line.

Let’s take into account the professional-grade solutions, shall we? So, there’s the Lenovo Care for small business, there’s also the combined hardware or software security, the one-button THinkVantage Rescue and Recovery and let’s not forget to mention about the password management software.

The security and protection technology should be also taken into account: there’s the Active Protection System, the spill-resistant keyboard, the integrated fingerprint reader and last but not least is the ThinkPad roll-cage technology.

We would like to mention last about the connectivity options and we’re speaking about the industry-leading connectivity options, the network connection software and the GPS capability; so these are the features that the laptops from this particular line can have and you can choose your own with all of them.

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