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Lenovo V series

In case you weren’t aware of Lenovo V series of laptops now it’s the right time to take these into account and maybe apply for them. Indeed, it’s a real pity that we didn’t realize a review over these gadgets up to this moment and you have to know their exact feature for certain in order to know if they’re exactly what you were looking for.

So, you have to know that the Lenovo V460 is all about having fun with your gadget in your lap and making sure that you take advantage of the multimedia features in the same time without encountering any inconveniences.

Their starting price depends on the configuration you apply for…. And this means that you can take into account buying a gadget that has a starting price of $729 and there’s another option that costs $829.

Let’s start with the processor type, shall we? First of all, you have to know that you can apply for the option with the Intel Core i3 or Intel Core i5 at the basis. Both of these are really useful and you can be sure that multitasking isn’t a problem with them.

The operating system that you have to take into account and it’s recommended is the Windows 7 Home Premium, but no one prohibits you to apply for other versions if you feel more comfortable with them.

The graphics won’t disappoint you, it’s going to bring its best features and this is with the Intel HD graphics options or with the NVIDIA GeForce 310M. No matter which option you apply for the results are guaranteed – the best and a gorgeous feedback.

The total memory of this gadget is 4 GB of DDR3 and it’s going to prove really useful and gorgeous to use in the same time – you can be certain that you’ll be stunned in what concerns its features and let’s also add that you’re not going to see the gadget encountering difficulties or running slowly….

Lenovo V460

The 14.0” LED display is certainly a great feature and it’s going to bring you impressive colors and visuals. You’re going to love staring all day long in front of it or at it.

As for the hard drive capacity you can apply for the option for 320 GB or the other one is of 500GB, both of them seem useful and great to be taken into consideration.

The DVD recordable dual layer will be great for burning DVDs and playing movies or files directly from the DVD.

There’s the Bluetooth Version 2.1 that needs to be mentioned and you won’t regret taking it into account as well. The internet features are really great to be taken into account as well and let’s not forget that you can use these while you’re on the run without encountering any difficulties.

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