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Lenovo’s 3G and 4G variants

Here’s how today Lenovo has announced its support for Sprint 3G and 4G wireless connectivity throughout the United States: all these through the line of ThinkPad laptops, more exactly through the ThinkPad Edge gadgets. The Lenovo gadgets are enabled with 3G and 4G.

All the brands know very well what the consumers want and they offer to them. Also “demand for constant, fast wireless technology has become an expectation, and it’s now mission critical for doing business today”, so buyers want a gadget that assures them this feature every time they need it, and let’s admit that business people in particular need the wireless technology to get their work done and we totally understand their expectations. Lenovo listens to the things they want and they offer them what they need.
The year 2012 sounds great accordingly to ABI Research, more specifically there will be 2.5 billion connected devices all around the world…. Business people need this technology in order to maintain virtual conferences, different applications and streaming video.

Let’s also mention the fact that Sprint is creating its 4G capacities to meet the future generation’s data expectations with some features already available throughout the United States territory. Also in this year there are some other locations that will be extended under this service of 3G and 4G, in the US also….

Besides the technology already mentioned Lenovo offers great solutions through data and voice solutions. Danny Bowman says “it’s more than just the quality of the network though. It’s about having a broad range of devices that are certifies to operate optimally on Sprint’s Now Network” and we totally agree with his statement, because the ThinkPad laptops seem to offer these things to the costumers, more specifically the business people.

These gadgets have an already installed SIM card. Also the 3G and 4G are really easy to use on the Lenovo gadgets, because these have an access connection tool that helps you do that.

In other words this brand makes it easier for you, if you’re a business person. You can be sure that you can make video conferences without any problems from a Lenovo laptop or notebook. It doesn’t matter where you are, it only matters you have your gadget with you and you know what the meeting is about or what documents you have to present….

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