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Lenovo’s G series of notebooks

Some days ago Lenovo announced new arrivals on the market: Lenovo G455 notebook, Lenovo C315 all-in-one desktop and Lenovo G555 notebook. All the products are based on the AMD platform with Lenovo software to have a really great laptop experience. All these products have great features and the latest AMD technology: AMD Turion and Athlon and let’s mention also the ATI graphics.

We’re interested in the notebooks in particular, and these have applications like OneKey Rescue System and Energy Management.

We forgot to mention that the G series of notebooks, Lenovo wants to satisfy all needs. In order words they want a product that is affordable and has also great technical features! So with the AMD advanced technology you’ll be able to get advantage of a worry-free computing experience that has a good price.

These two products show hoe the VISION technology from AMD copes with Lenovo in perfect symmetry. In this way Lenovo shows his interest towards all the consumers and the desire of satisfying all needs of the buyers.

Lenovo G445 and G555 have both a 16:9 widescreen High-Definitiona displays and have and AMD Turion II Dual-Core processor. Let’s mention that these have an ATI radeon HD integrated graphic, which offers you great visual effect and not only! Those that will buy these gadgets will get advantage of a rich digital content with DirectX 10 and High Definition video for running Windows 7 with advanced graphics like Aero Flip and Aero Peek.

The notebooks have an ergonomic keyboard especially made for rigid moves and that also permits all the keys to respond and work properly.

The wonderful thing about these cheap notebooks is that consumers can use the Lenovo Energy Management 5.0 to save power in different ways. In this way you extend the battery life and you’ll decrease energy consumption. This feature also helps the battery against unnecessary recharges.

Let’s mention other features regarding these notebooks: a OneKey rescue System, repair and recovery tool, a one-touch backup, let’s mention also about the very face facial recognition. Te Veriface facial recognition is a very good way of preventing theft and you can also have fun in the same time by using it, it is a very good manner of logging on your personal mobile gadget!

You’ll be able to buy these gadgets beginning in March in the United States. And how about that nice price we’ve been talking about? The starting price is $449, which is wonderful and you have some days left for earning some money. So good luck!

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