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MeeGo platforms by the collaboration of Intel and Nokia

Some days ago Intel Corporation together with Nokia announced that they’re developing their very popular Maemo and Moblin software platforms. This means that there is going to be created a unified Linux-based basis that will run on numerous platforms into several computing devices like netbooks, tablets, media phones and pocketable mobile computers. The whole thing is named MeeGo and it will be a boom in the technology field, the market will have strong products based on Internet applications and different services and exciting user experience. The Meego devices are expected to be launched in the middle-end period of this year….

The collaboration that was announced in June of the last year seems to be much stonger now and these two brands will be very successful in what they intend to do, that’s a fact! They invite participation in the MeeGo project from already existing members Maemo or Moblin. There are wanted other brands also that are involved in communications and the computing industry.

The members of these brands are really happy to emerge in this collateral involvement. They want that through their plans people should communicate and get advantage of the pocket technology no matter where they find themselves: office, car, home or school.

With this blending of these two important brands it is considered a big step for both of them! they both wish to make great changes and offer terrific experiences to the future buyers.

MeeGo platforms by the collaboration of Intel and Nokia

Also it is very important to mention that there are expected new products to appear on the market( that have at the basis Internet connection)and consumers will experience great communication and computing skills through these.

Both Intel and Nokia hope that they will create something new, something great which no brand can do! This collaboration will bring success and maintain these two companies on top. As one of the members said “MeeGo heralds a new era of mobile computing” and well he spoke, because all the things seem to induce this idea and we’re only expecting with eyes wide open to see what the future has for us!

With the combination of Maemo and Moblin, MeeGo wants to provide an open platform for various processor architectures. Combining mobile experience with QT application and UI framework it seems there are expected only good results. If you don’t know what involves the usage of QT means, we’ll mention briefly: writing application one time and deploy it on MeeGo or other platforms, like Symbian.

This is only talking! We hope that this project will be finalized soon and that we can see the results with our own eyes! In fact, there’s not much time left until the middle-end of this year! So we’re waiting and hoping that we’ll be able to experience ourselves the mobile experience given by Intel and Nokia in collaboration.

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