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Methods of saving energy and being eco

All the great companies and brands that produce mobile gadgets like computers and not only have a tendency of remembering you every time that you have to be eco friendly. There are so many ways in which you can save power that you just can’t imagine! Also, besides being friend with the nature you also save money on your energy bills, which is a marvelous thing.

How can you protect the nature? Let’s see some helping hints and maybe you may want to apply for them from now on!

Sony brings us for instance five helping tips in order to save nature and our wallets. The first tip is to turn off your screen. So, when you’re listening to music with the help of your laptop switch the picture off and you’ll save some power. And then it brings to us a vivid example on some of the Sony VAIO models that have a “display off” button that automatically turns off the screen and the music is still working. If you want to have calm moments this is also a relaxing exercise: turn off the screen and leave only the music, while you lay down in your bed and you simply look on the ceiling.

The next hint regards turning down the brightness and they’re right! You can safe some extra energy if you turn the brightness level down a little bit. Of course there are some Sony VAIO models that detect the surrounding light very well and the brightness is adjusted automatically. So this is another thing that will help your wallet too and not only….

Here’s a mistake most of us do: leaving the TV turned on even when we’re not in the room. So here’s what you have to do: make an exercise with your mind and try turning the gadget off every time you leave the room. It may be a difficult thing to do in the beginning but later on it will be a piece of cake and you’re going to be self aware of this thing and maybe feel guilty that you don’t save as much energy as you would wish.

We’ve finished with the TV and we continue with other equipment that should be switched off and so you’ll save energy and maybe keep some extra energy for the fridge or a different household apparatus.

Another thing you should to is to use the built-in TV tuner because most of the actual TVs have such a feature. If it doesn’t you may use an integrated satellite too…. You should use these features instead of the set-top box and you’ll save enough energy and you can use that energy for other purposes.

Maybe our little piece of advice can help you in a way or another to become more aware of the things surrounding you and the fact that you’re not protecting the nature or your wallet as you should.

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