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Large laptops tend to be heavy because their battery seems to be improved, so in this situation what do you have to do? Are you an on “a run” person? The answer is simple… try getting yourself a mini laptop and surely your requirements will be responded to.

Mini laptops are conceived to look like notebooks and their properties are limited: they are made especially to browse on the internet, no complicated programs used on it…

One of the most desired laptops can be Acer Aspire One, maybe because it has a very shiny outside surface that seems to make it irresistible! No, seriously it can be a great solution for those people that are always travelling! Although it looks like a must have, this notebook has very small keyboard, a thing that may be a problem for many…

Another mini laptop that seems to be in trend is the HP Mini 10.1 Vivienne Tam Edition; the model is designed especially for women and you due to his unique aspect (red with floral design, the next model comes out with butterfly theme) it`s a much expensive product! Ladies don`t worry! It didn`t disappear from the market it`s here, it`s a good and refined product (it has Bluetooth and Webcam integrated), you only need some cash or even your credit card!


HP Mini

Asus Eee Pc 701 it used to have a great success until the market became flooded with notebooks; it is indeed it is one of the most effective products! What`s with that 7inch display? Come on, you have to scroll every time you want to go up or down when reading a document that isn`t that big…

The next phase is Asus Eee Pc 901: it has an 8.9 inch display, its battery lasts for 5 hours, it is indeed a very powerful product, and you can also run multiple applications in the same time! It`s price is a little high, but it is really worth!

Toshiba NB100 has an 8.9 inch display, besides this characteristic, it has Bluetooth, webcam and an integrated microphone, it is “light” to be carried with you and the battery lasts for 3 hours and a half! This mini laptop is not so expensive, so if it is attracting you, go and buy it!

An interesting product may be considered the notebook in the Sony VAIO P series which is a revolutionary product it weights only 638g and surely you can put it in your mini purse or in a pocket somewhere. This product has Bluetooth, GPS that doesn`t need internet connection, battery that lasts 4 hours, but you can also choose one of 8 hours and certainly you will use those hours with success! It has a high price( about $1000) that certainly makes you wake up from your dream… it`s not a problem, you may have those money and if it looks good in your eyes, then what are you waiting for?


HP Mini

Mini laptops tend to get more and more popular, so there`s no reason for you not to buy one, you can choose from a big range of notebooks, see what are their qualities, balance and go for it!

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