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Mini netbooks under 200

Mini netbooks under 200 where can you find them? Well, it’s not hard at all as long as you know where to search and if you have our help. We have here interesting suggestions to share with you and these concern gorgeous mini laptops that can be carried in all the places you go and most of all you can be certain that they’re going to seem perfect travelling companions and for your daily networking activities.

We start with the Msi Wind U100 netbook, which can be encountered under the price of $200 and we think that this is definitely a big plus. So, this one has at the basis only interesting features and aspects and we’re certain that they seem interesting to you….

Msi Wind U100 netbook

The 10” display is going to seem more than enough whenever it comes to blogging and watching movies and all kinds of relaxing things. There’s the Windows XP Home operating system that is going to seem more than interesting to use and really easy in the same time. The Intel Atom N270 1.6GHz processor stands at the basis of this netbook and it’s really effective no matter if we’re speaking about multitasking or not. the maximum battery capacity stands for about 4 hours maximum and this seems more than enough if you’re willing to carry your laptop in all the places you go.

Msi Wind U100 netbook 2

Msi Wind U100 netbook 3

There’s also this other laptop that we want to mention about and it can be placed between the list mini netbooks under 200 and this one has important features at the basis as well, features which won’t let you down….

We’re speaking about the Zoostorm Freedom that has this affordable price under $200 and this will definitely seem a good thing for your pocket. There’s this Windows XP Home operating system that is really easy to use and you won’t encounter any difficulties whenever it comes to using its features. Let’s also mention that the 8.9” display has interesting visuals and you can be certain that you’re not to regret applying for it- in fact, it’s going to be really useful in all the things you intend on doing, you can’t multitask indeed, because it’s too small, but a movie can be seen or a game can be played….

Zoostorm Freedom

The other thing that we wanted to mention about was related to the 160GB HDD in which you can store all your files and applications with ease and let’s not forget about the 1GB of memory as well. There’s also the Intel Atom N270 1.6Ghz processor that you need to know about as well as the 3.5 hours of battery life resistance, which seem really effective in the same time.

In the future time you’re going to read about many other examples that concern mini netbooks under 200 and you’re going to love these as well….

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