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Most Popular Gaming Laptops

Have you ever wondered which the most popular laptops are? Well, this isn’t a difficult question to answer to, because we have solutions for every matter. In this topic you’re going to read about some good gadgets that area ideal to be used when it comes to the gaming features and things like that. Some of the gaming laptops that we’re going to speak about were mentioned previously – some days ago – and we wouldn’t like to bore you with repeating the names of the same gadgets over and over.

First in the preferences is of course Alienware M17x and we’re convinced that the Alienware m11x and Alienware m17x are as appreciated as this one, but we wouldn’t like to insist on it too much, because we’ve just presented some pros and cons some days ago.


The Alienware Area-51 m9750 is next in the preferences of gaming laptops. We’re going to present you some pros and cons concerning this gadget so that you make a general idea. We start with the pros: indeed this gadget is ideal for your gaming activities, it has also fast SLI graphics and 1 GB of memory that ensures a great gaming experience, also this laptop is ideal when it comes to replacing a desktop PC, besides the features mentioned up to this moment this gadget has also a fingerprint and scratch resistant exterior surface, which means that you can carry it around very easily.

The price of this gadget is a really big con, also it runs very hot and let’s not forget that the touchpad runs really clunky and slow and you wouldn’t want such things, would you? We forgot to mention some big pluses concerning this laptop, things like the 3D performance and its features. We totally recommend this gadget to those seeking entertainment and for the gamers.

Alienware Area-51 m9750

Next in our suggestions when it comes to gaming laptops it’s the HP Pavilion HDX16t, which was reviewed some days ago and you may already know some things about it, that’s why we won’t insist on adding the same things.

HP Pavilion HDX16t

The HP Pavilion HDX Dragon is another gaming laptop that we suggest. This gadget has great features and it’s really portable. This one is recommended as well for those seeking for entertainment features and also for gamers.

Let’s not forget to mention that this gadget has a magnificent 20.1” display that is ideal when it comes to the gaming activities, watching a movie or things like that. This HP gaming laptop has a “Dragon” print on the external case and besides these things there are a lot of keys that will ensure you will have a great experience. These being said we just hope that we could give you a hint and helped you in a way or another with our suggestions; if you have some other hints and variants feel free to share them with use, because we’re definitely going to take them into account.

HP Pavilion HDX Dragon

HP Pavilion HDX Dragon 2

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