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MSI at CeBIT 2010

MSI announces big things, so get ready! The brand will make an exhibition at CeBIT 2010 in the first days of March. You have all the details, meaning the time and the place and we’ll also talk about some other aspects. Let’s also mention that MSI will display its line of notebooks, let’s not forget about those that won the iF Product Design Award for 2010. And you may wonder about what products we’re talking about, but you certainly know from the other topic from some weeks ago (we’re talking of course, about the Wind U160 and the X-Slim X 620 notebooks). Another important product from the exhibition will certainly be the extraordinary gaming notebook GT660.

MSI has in its back about 23 years of experience in this field of technology and design. The awards show that it is a very important brand in the IT field. Although we have so many problems with money, it seems that the notebook market is increasing continuously and by this matter the companies seem to offer the buyers what they want: high quality and medium prices!

What’s so great about the MSI notebooks that we’re mentioned above? Well the Wind U160, which is the world’s first ultra-slim notebook that has a battery resistance of 15 hours, the next product is X-Slim X620 that has the CULV superior multimedia capabilities. The next product is GT660, a gaming notebook that has an Intel i7 Quad Processor. These seem to be the basic gadgets that will attract everyone’s eyes!

At CeBIT everybody seems to show what’s his best asset! That’s a description of this major event, although the words seem not to cover all the beautiful things that will happen there!

MSI’s theme at the CeBIT is “superior performance and multimedia capacities”. MSI seems to be really great in this field, because it reveals all the great things that it is capable of and we have five major things concerning this big brand: the TDE overclocking and cooling technology, the Boost power feature, the high resolution image technology powered by Cinema Pro feature, great stereo technology, notebooks that simply look breathtaking and receive prizes for this thing!

MSI is going to reveal at this event about 30 models of notebooks that have a display size beginning to 10” and ending with 17”. There will be a number of breathtaking models which we already mentioned! You’ll have models designed for every field and for all ages: business notebooks, gaming notebooks, classic models for normal needs and many others!

At this grand event, MSI plans to surprise everybody and you’ll see a wonderful combination of sounds and visual effects which will certainly be marvellous. Furthermore the GT660 gaming laptop seems to be a unique model worldwide with a great LED light display technology, which will offer you a wonderful audio and visual experience!

As you can see, MSI promises and promises! Let’s see how great it will be! The CeBIT 2010 takes place in Hanover, Germany between the 2nd and the 6th of March and if you’re interested more in MSI’s products go in Hall 17, Booth C38!

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