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Msi GT 660 – gaming laptop

Some time has passed since we last suggested you a gaming laptop and it would be a pity not to do it now, when we found a really interesting gadget to suggest to you and that we hope you take into consideration for the future time. We’re speaking about the Msi GT 660 that can be found in two different configurations and prices in the new options and on the official site: $1, 649.99 or $1, 849.99.

Let’s start with the first option, shall we? Well, first of all we would like to mention that it has at the basis one of the strongest processors that will definitely be useful every time you want to play a game or something like that. You’re going to remain enchanted of this product and we’re sure that you won’t have any problems when it comes to multitasking and stuff like that.

Msi GT 660 - gaming laptop 2

This configuration has the Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium operating system as suggestion and it’s going to be useful as well in all the things you intend on doing. The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 3D discrete graphics card is going to be useful as well and it’s definitely great when it comes to enjoying the entertainment and multimedia applications.

The 16” LED backlit display is also great when it comes to viewing movies, videos and playing games. It’s great and you can be sure that you’re going to get advantage of vivid images and videos with great resolution and features.

Msi GT 660 - gaming laptop 3

The other things that need to be mentioned concern the 6GB DDR3 1066MHz system memory, 500GB HDD, the wireless features.

The Dynaudio Premium Sound Speakers will definitely confer you vivid sounds and you can be sure that when you’re playing you’re going to feel like a part of the things you’re doing there.

Msi GT 660 - gaming laptop 4

We need to mention also about the Dual SATA HD with Raid 0, the accelerated COU+GPU, there’s also the MSI Cooler Boost Technology which maintains your gadget fresh and perfect to be used. There’s also the USB 3.0 for easy transfer and stuff like that and the built-in HD webcam that is ideal when it comes to maintaining video conferences. The HDMI output will make sure you’re going to get advantage of nice afternoons and evenings in your living room and in front of your HDTV!

Msi GT 660 - gaming laptop 5

The things that make the difference between this gadget and the other one in configuration? Well, the expensive one has 1TB Hard Drive and a Blu-ray optical drive. Do these things sound pretty interesting to you?

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