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Msi GX660 extra features

Here’s something that is really going to seem interesting to you and we think that you definitely have to know about it! We’re speaking about the fact that Msi introduces the Msi GX660 laptop with a 15.6” full HD screen, as well as a Blu-ray/DVD Combo drive and let’s not forget about the USB 3.0 for Crystal Clear Gaming. This means that we have an entire topic dedicated to gamers and we’re certain that they’re going to feel really happy to read about these things exposed here.

So, the G series has been expanded to North America with the powerhouse of GX660 and GX660R as well as with the multimedia notebooks. Seeing that they had success with the GT model in the gamers’ world, you can observe now the GX660R laptop that has a Blu-ray/DVD combo drive as well as the USB 3.0 for a great HD transfer and for great playback speeds as well. besides the things mentioned up to this moment let’s also mention that there’s the 15.6” display that you have to know about and these are only stunning features which we’re sure kind of ring a bell to you.

The Msi GX660 has at the basis powerful hardware that we’re sure you already have a general idea and between these we have to mention about the Intel Core i7 processor as well as the ATI Radeon HD5870 discrete graphics that will deliver smooth and clear images. There’s also the capacity of the unit of delivering a high fidelity surround sound, which is more than delightful, we want to mention about the HD speakers as well and the system designer Dynaudio which is really important in the same time.

The other features that you need to know about relate to the 15.6” full HD display that is backlit and we’re certain that it’s going to deliver amazing visuals and you’re going to get advantage of them fully. Another thing that we need to mention about is the Blu-ray/DVD combo optical drive that has been mentioned previously, another thing is the ATI Radeon HD 5870 discrete graphics that you have to know about, the 2USB 3.0 ports, the HDMI output, 4GB DDR3 1066MHz system memory that is really interesting as a feature and will turn out to be really effective in the same time, the other features that you really have to know about is the 500 GB of HDD or even the 640GB space, there’s also the accelerated CPU performance with the MSI TDE technology and the Msi Cooler Boost Technology and last but not least you have to know about the built-in HD webcam that is really effective when it comes to maintaining video conferences.

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