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Msi GX740 notebook

Here’s another gaming computer that we’re sure you’re going to enjoy pretty much! This one is absolutely divine looking and you can be sure that it won’t let you down in case you use it. Let’s also mention that this gaming laptop is available for more than a month now and it’s a really fresh product that is really interesting in the same time. You’re going to find out more about it from the lines to come, and to make it clear we’re speaking about the Msi GX740 notebook.

This is a 17” gaming laptop that will definitely be useful every time you want to play a game or something like that. The Intel Core i7 processor will help you multitask and get advantage of the highest levels of quality and power. There’s also the 7.1 channel output with the SRS qualification, the subwoofer, the Cinema Pro technology, the HDMI output. All of these things sound pretty nice and really effective for you not getting bored. Everything seems so easy with the help of this laptop that you just can’t imagine!

The powerful ATI Radeon HD 5870 graphics makes sure you’re going to get advantage of powerful features and it’s great when it comes to gaming or different other things that can be experienced with the help of your mobile computer.

Msi GX740 notebook 2

The graphics that was just mentioned above supports the DirectX 11 graphics and let’s not forget about the Turbo Boost Technology that makes sure you get advantage of gaming without lag and low power consumption in the same time. Let’s mention also the 1GB of DDR5 that performs up to half better than the DDR3 memory. Quite an exquisite thing if we come to think of it!

This is considered to be one of the thinnest and lightest laptops around, it’s a perfect desktop replacement and it has at the basis the newest components that can be found on the market and the most powerful as well.

The battery life of this gadget is ultra resistant and let’s also mention that this is due to the 9 cell battery in combination with the Turbo Boost Technology that makes sure you’ve got some battery saved and there’s also the Msi’s ECO engine power features, all these things make sure you get advantage of a wonderful battery life resistance, fact that makes us really happy.

Besides the fact that it’s really powerful this gaming laptop has also a strong chassis and it’s powerful in the same time. You can be sure that it won’t get scratched: this means power from the inside part to the outside.

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