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Msi laptops 2

The Msi laptops that we suggested in the previous article could be placed in the category of gadgets with displays between 10” and 12” and the ones that we’re going to present to you in the lines to come can be considered in the same manner.

Ok, so we’re going to cut to the chase and here’s how you have here some fine examples o laptops that are really effective in the same time and their price sounds kind of convenient to us.

We start with the Msi L1350 that can be found at a starting price of $379.99. This one has an Intel Atom processor N450 and it’s really nice working in the same time. So, this one has a Windows 7 Starter Edition operating system which is going to be really nice when it comes to being used. You can choose between several patters and colors and these features make your laptop indeed really interesting. Ok, so the 10” display is great for multitasking as well and you won’t encounter any problems while you’re doing it.

Msi L1350 2

The chiclet keyboard sounds great to be used in the same time and the touchpad is marvelous, because you won’t stumble any other problems and difficulties when it comes to using them.

This laptop, even small will make sure that you’re going to get advantage of a daily computing experience which is really great. The hard drive has massive capacity and this sounds pretty interesting as well.

Msi L1350 3

As for the webcam, it’s 1.3MP and it’s incorporated of course. This means that you’re going to be able to use it and maintain video conferences with your friends.  The wireless internet can be used no matter where you find yourself and this is a great thing, because it means that you can get advantage of its gorgeous features while you’re on the run and entertain yourself in the same time.

The next laptop that we want to mention about is the Msi L2300 with a starting price of $479.99. Ok, so this one has an AMD Athlon Neo processor, which will turn out to be effective every time you use your gadget. There’s also the 12.1” LED backlit display that will be ideal when it comes to being used for watching movies and all kinds of stuff, also it’s going to deliver high quality images and videos and this is definitely a marvelous thing.

Msi L2300

The laptop that we’re speaking about has a lightweight and ultraportable design, it delivers also clear and sharp images, the HDMI output makes sure that you can see movies and videos on a HDTV in your bedroom and living room and you can do this without any difficulties. The de- stress keyboard is great for being used and it’s a pleasure to press all those keys and not feel a thing.

Msi L2300 2

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