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Msi laptops under $700

From Msi laptops under $600 we jump directly to ones that are more expensive and this is how we decided to speak about laptops under $700 and maybe suggest you some configurations of such models in order to make a general idea and maybe purchase one of these in the future time. Let’s also mention that the models exposed here are new and we hope that these examples seem useful to you.

We start with the Msi A6200 that has a starting price of $649.99. so, this one has an Intel Core i3 processor, the Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium operating system that is going to be useful every in your daily mobile computer experience. There’s also the 15.6” widescreen display that will turn out useful when it comes to blogging and all your daily procedures.

Msi A6200 2

The LED power saving backlight technology will definitely seem useful every time you want to save power- this means extra battery life for your laptop. Sounds pretty nice, doesn’t it? And also let’s mention that this laptop looks great in the same time, it has a classic cross hatch design which will look great on your gadget.

Msi A6200 3

The Wi-Fi features permit you to use the internet features no matter where you find yourself and this is definitely a positive thing. The HDMI output is a good variant for not getting bored and this means enjoying a movie in your couch and seeing it on a large HDTV. The other feature that we want to mention about refers to the Msi Exclusive Eco Engine Power Management, which is a big plus again and it makes sure that your laptop resists in time and that’s a great travelling companion.

Another laptop under $700 is the Msi CR600 and which can be found at the starting price of $649.99 and with this configuration that will be exposed in the lines to come….

Msi CR600

So, first of all this one has at the basis an Intel Pentium Processor T4300, the Windows Vista Home Premium operating system that is definitely useful in your daily activities, another thing that needs to be mentioned is the 16” widescreen display that will be useful in your daily blogging activities and not only! Multitasking isn’t a problem when it comes to this particular Msi laptop! The lightweight design makes this laptop easy to carry all around the places you go. There’s also the Msi Exclusive Eco Engine Power Management System that was mentioned previously and you know just how great it is for your gadget.

Msi CR600 2

The wireless features make sure you’re going to get advantage of the internet features on the run and let’s also mention that you can clearly download as much as you want. The Blu-ray drive is built-in and it’s definitely going to do wonders and we’re sure that you can’t find these in many laptops.

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