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Msi laptops under $800

We work in an ascendant manner and this is how we decided to bring you some extra examples of laptops from Msi and this time we decided to realize a topic on Msi laptops under $800 hoping that you find the appropriate gadget here. No more to say! We wish you luck and hope that you get advantage of the things exposed here!

So, we start with the Msi CR620 laptop that has a starting price of $729.99 and will definitely seem a good variant for you, at least with the configuration that we’ve exposed here! So, this one has at the basis the Intel Core i3 processor, the Windows 7 Home Premium operating system that will definitely involve no problems when it comes to using it. We’re sure that you’re going to enjoy pleasant moment with this laptop in your lap and not only, you’re not going to encounter any difficulties when it comes to using this laptop and all its features that are directly involved with the operating system used.

Msi CR620 2

So, another thing that needs to be mentioned is the 15.6” widescreen display that is going to turn out really great every time you want to relax yourself and enjoy pleasurable moments in front of the laptop and all these things, while you’re on the run.

Did we mention about the LED power-saving backlit technology? It seems that we didn’t, but we’re going it now and mentioning the fact that you simply save a lot of energy with the help of this feature and this is a marvelous thing.

Msi CR620 3

The wireless LAN features as well as the HDMI out put are some other things that you need to know about and the Msi Exclusive Eco Engine Power Management System is also important to be mentioned!

The last suggestion of Msi laptop under $749.99 that we want you to know about is the Msi GX630. So, this one has at the basis the AMD Athlon Dual-Core 2GHz processor, there’s also the Windows Vista Home Premium that’s in a genuine mode and that will going to seem very helpful in the same time. The 15.4” LCD widescreen display is great for enjoying yourself in a gorgeous way while you’re on the run and you simply want to watch a movie or something like that! Also, you can multitask without any difficulties, because the diagonal size will definitely seem useful.

Msi GX630

So, the other things that we need to mention about concern the body designed on the exterior side of this laptop, like the combination of aluminum and metallic threads and the fact that it has a nice looking design very easy to carry along the places you go.

Msi GX630 2

The NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT Graphics Card is also great when it comes to the functionality of this laptop! No more to say! We totally recommend both of these models and don’t forget that these cost under $800.

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