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Msi laptops seem really interesting to use and that’s why we decided to offer you some examples of gorgeous looking and effective gadgets in order for you to have where to choose from. Ok, so here’s how we continue with some of our suggestions and we hope that you take the most interesting parts from here.

The first gadget that we want to mention about is the Msi U230 that can be found at a starting price of $449.99. Well, let’s mention that this one has at the basis the AMD Athlon Neo processor that is going to be really effective every time you want to use your netbook for your daily activities.

Msi U230 2

The Windows 7 Home Premium operating system is useful every time you want to do something and this won’t involve any difficulties. So, let’s continue with some other aspect that concern this laptop and see exactly what is it about. Well, it has a 11.6” widescreen display that is going to be useful if you want to multitask and stuff like that.

Msi U230 3

As for the memory drive it has 2 GB and a 250 GB HDD which will definitely turn out to be useful every time you want to store your applications and files there.

The 802.11 b/g/n wireless LAN sounds great every time you want to get advantage of the internet features wirelessly and let’s also add to all the features that you’re dealing with a strong gadget that has an ultraportable design and lightweight in the same time. The HDMI output is great in case you want to view movies and things like that. The final aspect that we want to mention about relates to the Msi ergonomic de-stress keyboard which is great because you’re not going to encounter any problems when it comes to tapping and pressing the fine keys.

Another product that we want to mention about and that was definitely specified in our previous articles is the Msi U135. This one has an Intel Atom N455 processor, a Windows 7 Starter Edition operating system that won’t involve any problems when it comes to its usage.

Msi U135

The 20” widescreen display is going to be useful in case you want to do your daily activities and not only. You can think that it isn’t enough when it comes to multitasking, but it isn’t exactly in this way. So, we would like to mention also that there’s the 1GB of memory that is really effective, the 250GB of HDD for storing different files and applications, the 1.3MP camera will be nice when it comes to speaking to your relatives and friends and maintain video conferences. As for the power features and battery life resistance there’s the Turbo Drive Engine Technology which we want to mention about. Pretty great, isn’t that right?

Msi U135 2

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