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What’s so great about Msi netbooks in comparison with other products? Well, we have to start first of all with the price, because if you end up with a really interesting configuration – one that is suitable with your personality in the same time – you’re going to end up with a really great bargain.

Besides the affordable price what shall we add concerning these netbooks? You have to know that they’re ultraportable and in the same time they have big pluses whenever it comes to their style and the way in which they look. Indeed, this is a great thing and you have to take it into account, because like it or not the aspect of the gadget that you’re carrying next to you is really important.
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The technical features don’t bring anything new, so this means that in what concerns the technical features the Msi netbooks behave the same as others. These are some general things that we wanted to add and now let’s start with the proper review, one in which we decided to share with you some Msi netbooks, or examples of configurations for such gadgets.

We would like to start with the most convenient combination and it’s between the newest arrivals as well, we’re referring to the Msi L1350D, which has at the basis the Intel Atom N455 processor, also you can apply for the Windows 7 Starter edition which is great to apply for and really easy to use in the same time.

Msi L1350D

Msi L1350D 2

Msi L1350D 3

The 10” display isn’t a novelty as well, it’s really effective in your daily activities as well. The 1 GB of memory as well as the 160GB of HDD are average features and we’re certain that these will not seem enough to you, but don’t forget that we’re speaking about a netbook and not a notebook. The internet features are also advantageous and you can rely on them, as for the built in 1.3MP webcam, you have to know that it’s going to be really useful whenever it comes to maintaining video conferences or something like that.

The Turbo Drive Engine Technology will make sure that your netbook is going to stay next to you for as long as you wish. There’re also the built-in performance channel stereo speakers and the microphone as well, which are going to deliver an interesting mobile computer experience and in the same time these are going to help you in your video calls. You can purchase this gadget at a starting price of $380, which we think is more than convenient.

The next Msi netbook that we want you to take into account has a starting price of $480 and we’re speaking about the Msi U230, which we know that you adore pretty much, at least when it comes to the aspect.

Msi U230

Msi U230 2

So, there’s the AMD Athlon Neo MV-40 processor, which will turn out to be effective in your daily activities and not only, the 2 GB of memory as well as the 250GB of HDD seem great to be taken into account as well and we’re certain that they sound nice to you. The HDMI output is going to turn out useful in your daily activities of relaxing and the ultraportable and light design permits you to carry this gadget in all the places you go.

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