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MSI notebook CX600X

Remember the traditional stereotypy regarding notebooks? That one in which we thought they`re some small little gadgets very heavy in the same time and wanting a normal laptop instead?

Well, it`s true, the laptop has many things as pluses, you can do many things with them, but if you are a person that travels a lot and the laptop seems to heavy sometimes, you may want to reconsider the adversity to notebooks and buy one!


MSI notebook CX600X

MSI offers you a great deal with the MSI Classic line that gives a great range of notebooks that have an external lid that changes color to the intensity of the light! It has some special elements that are sensitive to the light and so they confer different lights to the exterior of the product!

This MSI notebook weights less than 2.4 kilograms, as you can see it`s very light and you can also find at a special price, now that the holidays are approaching, so think about it…

This gadget has a Intel Dual Core T4200 processor, that has a frequency of 2000 MHz, FSB 800MHz, Cache L2 1024 kb, a HD display, of 16 inch and 1366 x 768 pixels resolution.  It has a capacity video memory of 512 MB, RAM memory standard and maximum of 4092 MB (type of RAM memory: DDR2).


MSI notebook CX600X

This mini laptop has a wireless connectivity that also includes the 802 standard and the incorporated 1.3MP webcam will surely be of help when you speak to your friends!

It has one DC-in port, one VGA port, 3 USB ports, one LAN port, and other two spaces dedicated to the headphone and the microphone!

Hasn`t it convinced you yet? Its memory is perfect for your storing your favorite movies and documents and also browsing on the internet. And if you are a rebel student you may also want to take your light MSI notebook with you at school and use its function during the boring Math classes (don`t do that very often, because you won`t be able to pass the year!).

The MSI notebook is a perfect example of fine notebook that can be also very useful if you are o man on the run! Just remember that it`s much more easy to carry a mini computer with you, than a laptop!

These being said and the things mentioned about this notebook, surely you would want at least browse on the internet only the terms “MSI notebook”, read some things and you won`t be disappointed, maybe you`re already dialing a number and wanting to buy the sweet little gadget!

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