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Msi offers

Well, besides having fun and spending a lot of money- in some cases- on your laptops you can also get advantage of some offers and maybe win something in the future time. We’re not sure if you’re the type of person that is into this stuff, but we would like to share with you an interesting offer that we’ve struck over after searching for interesting stuff to share with you.

No more to say! We’ve got here some interesting offers that come directly from Msi and they can be found on this brand’s official page as well.

So, did you know about the summer promotions Wind U135dx limited edition? Well, if this isn’t news to you then it means that you’re going to enrich some of the things that you may probably already know.

The first offer that we want to mention about relates to the Msi U135dc limited edition of netbooks, which look really nice in the same time and you can purchase them with a discount of $20. Also, hurry up because if it’s a limited offer this means that you can’t get advantage of its features that much and you can’t buy it that soon!

If you enter on the official page of Msi as we indicated in the previous lines you’re going to receive as a free card that will offer you this $20 off discount and we’re sure that this helps you a little bit there. Ok, but this isn’t the only thing that you’re going to get advantage of: there’s also the other prize, which consists of a matching mouse for your laptop and this will bring you a smile on your face.

We’re sure that you’re glad to hear about this offer, but most of all we’re happy to have shared it with you.

Also, there’s another offer or contest as you want to name it and you can find it as well on the Msi official page. We’re speaking about a photo contest from Msi in which you have to share the best photos that you have with you and you can receive numerous prizes.

What are the exact prizes? Well, you have the opportunity of wining a limited edition AIO and there are only 5 winners for this one, also there’s the limited edition of netbooks and there are 10 winners in this case. The prizes don’t end here: 20 signed baseballs and 100 exclusive T-shirts. The main thing is to upload a picture with you and this can be done by entering on the official Msi page.

As for the limited edition of netbooks that we’ve mentioned about previously, you need to know that there are about 400 free spaces for the first registered users. How about that?

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