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Msi U series

Msi U series is definitely a line that’s all about ultra light computers which are really powerful in the same time and have an affordable price. We know that sometimes it’s unbelievable that such products exist, but in fact they really are that effective from all points of view and let’s also mention that they’re gorgeous in the same time.

We start with the Msi U230 notebook that has a starting price of $449.99. This one has a really interesting configuration which we’re sure you’re going to enjoy reading about pretty much: an AMD Athlon Neo processor, with the Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium operating system, an 11.6” widescreen display, 2GB of memory with 250GB HDD, wireless features, a HDMI output and Msi ergonomic de-stress keyboard which will definitely seem ideal to use every time you want to type all your stuff and you won’t encounter any difficulties while you’re doing it.

Msi U230 2

The next suggestion that we have for you consists of another laptop that takes part of the U series. We’re speaking about the Msi U135dx that was mentioned in a previous review of ours. This one has a starting price of $379.99 with an Intel Atom N455 processor at the basis, a Genuine Windows 7 Starter Edition operating system, a 10” widescreen display that is going to be useful every time you’re on the run and want to do all the entertaining stuff and not only….

Msi U135dx

This one has 1 GB of memory with 250GB HDD, also great wireless features and let’s not forget about the 1.3 MP webcam that is going to be useful every time you want to maintain video conferences with your friends and closest ones. The Msi Exclusive Turbo Drive Engine Technology is useful when it comes to saving power and working at the highest levels. We want to mention about the built-in stereo speakers that will be effective when it comes to listening and the microphone is ideal for speaking in the video conferences that we’ve just mentioned about. There’s also the comprehensive multimedia application interface that is also really useful and in other words you’re going to end up with a really gorgeous laptop in your hands….

Msi U135dx 2

Last, but not least in our list of Msi U series is the Msi U160 laptop that has a starting price of $429.99. This one has an Intel Atom N450 processor, the Genuine Windows 7 Starter operating system.

Msi U160

The sleek design and really compact will make everyone around you really envious. The 10” widescreen display is great when it comes to your daily activities and it will help them be brought at the highest level of quality. The chiclet keyboard is really easy to be used and it doesn’t involve messy fingertips you can be certain of that. The long battery life makes sure that you’re going to be able to work all day long and get advantage of your laptop….

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