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MSI Wind laptops

MSI laptops are known as well on the market but its products can’t be found in a chart for the most popular, but indeed their existence is known; let’s not also forget the fact that MSI has won several prizes for design and not only at the beginning of this year and we’re convinced that it won’t stop here….

In the lines to come we’re going to speak about MSI laptops in general and we’re going to mention some of these great looking gadgets and really powerful in the same time. So let’s see what does this brand has reserved for us!

There is a “hierarchy” of products made on base of the style and size, but we’re more interested in the size, aren’t we? So accordingly to the style there are the MSI Wind gadgets, the slim or ultra portable ones, the gaming ones and the classic models. Let’s dig in and see what this is about, shall we?

The MSI Wind has other “subdivisions” if it can be said in this way: U90, U100, U110/U115, U120/U123, U130/U135, U160 and U210/U230 and let’s speak a little bit about those that haven’t been mentioned up to this moment.

MSI Wind U90 has a starting price of $299.00 and it features an Intel Atom processor, an 8.9” LCD, Intel GMA950 graphics card, 512MB DDR2 system memory and an 80 GB SATA system memory. This is a multi-award winning netbook and we can observe just why!

MSI Wind U90

We spoke about the U100 some time ago in the topic concerning the prizes received by MSI and we’re going to mention only the fact that it can be found in different colors, really glossy and with a really great finish: white, blue, black and pink.

MSI Wind U100

The U110/U115 laptops have a starting price of $429.99 and these are also between the winning gadgets. It has similar technical features with the first mobile gadget presented previously and we would like to mention only that it has an input 1.3 MP webcam with high resolution and a big-size keyboard that will make everything easier for you.

MSI Wind U110

Next on the list is the U120/U123 notebook that has as well similar technical features with the products mentioned up to this moment. This one has a 10.1” wide screen display with face recognition software, the big sized keyboard and also the 1.3 MP webcam that permits you to maintain video calls and conferences with your friends and closest ones. We also forgot to mention the starting price of this product, which is $409.99.

MSI Wind U120

U130/U135 has been presented previously and you have a great variety of colors where to choose from. This one is also perfect for realizing video calls and maintaining virtual discussions and it has a 10” display that will permit you to enjoy all day computing without any problems. This one has a starting price of $299.99 and we consider it pretty affordable, isn’t it?

MSI Wind U130

MSI Wind U160 and U210/U230 need to be mentioned also. These have a great looking design also and are built in order for you to experience a great mobile computer activity. It will be easy to carry these gadgets around and you can be sure of that. Let’s also mention that these have long life battery resistance and this is an exquisite thing!

MSI Wind U160

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