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MSI Wind U160 notebook review

As we were talking the other days about MSI it came through our minds that you should know some other features regarding the Wind U160 notebook. Many would say that this product is an imitation of Sony VAIO notebooks; the only difference can be considered the external lid, which s glossy in this case. Well, we should admit the fact that this gadget has something unique and that’s a great thing!

This 10” notebook has an Intel Atom N450 CPU that is especially designed to offer extended life period to the battery. Compared to the other products in the Wind series this one is much thinner and has great technical features. Talking in numbers you can see the difference clearly: U135 weighs 2.8 pounds and Wind U110 weighs 3.2 pounds, let’s mention the fact that U160 has 2.2 pounds and you can draw your conclusions alone.

The gadget has a external aspect, the lid has a light brown nuance with a glossy pattern, which MSI calls a “Color Film Print finish”. The lid is made of glossy materials and the logo of the producing company is very well highlighted. The most remarkable thing about this notebook is the power button that can be encountered in the large metallic hinge.

The touchpad has a raised texture and the keyboard is chiclet-style which permits you to press on the buttons and receive a positive feedback. You’ll be able to write and do all the processes you like without any problems after you’re hands get used to the new texture of the keyboard.

Besides the processor we’ve already mentioned, Intel Atom N450, you have some other technical features that aren’t that new: you have a 1 GB of RAM, 250 GB hard drive, Windows 7 Starter. The gadget has also two USB ports, an Ethernet, audio in and out, and let’s not forget about the card reader. All these specs can be found on the right side. On the left side Wind U160 has VGA and another USB port.
The notebook has a 10” display, which will permit you to enjoy all your movies and videos while you’re on the run. The fact that this product is really thin permits you to carry it everywhere with you. Another thing you need to know is that you are able to use the notebook for many hours, because it has that technology that permits you to get advantage of the functions of your notebooks and save power in the same time! Saving power is piece of cake now and so is multitasking! So, there’ s no question why this MSI notebook received an award for good look, because it really looks good and it won’t disappoint you technically speaking.

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