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MSI X-Slim Series notebooks

From the moment when MSI launched the extra thin and extravagant X-Slim Series notebooks everybody started a fuss. The entire line of light notebooks was having and is still having a major success, and also new products are going to be revealed to the entire public, like: 13 inch X350, X360, 14 inch X430, or 15.6 inch X600 Pro, which have the Intel 2 Duo dual core processor, a special design and extra technical qualities.

What’s so special about the new line of notebooks, the X-Slim series? Well, as mentioned above, the gadgets have the new Intel processor, a feature that permits powers saving, multitasking without extra usage of battery power, a nicer exterior, a more refined external lid, a special designed keyboard (Chiclet keyboard), the newest Color Film Print Coating, all these proprieties in a nice cover, a nice external lid, a glossy product and an top of all it’s really, really thin and elegant!

X-Slim X620 has won a wonderful prize, which is significant in the business of laptops (iF Design Honors). This model and the X600Pro feature a backlit display and an HD output, an ATI Mobility Radeon HD Discrete graphics card and a great 3D distribution. The X620 has a battery life resistance up to 10 hours with its 8 cell battery; that’s a thing that matters a lot! Let’s not forget about the button you can press and put the notebook into the display mode, which means high quality of the feature! This awarded product has a 15.6” display, it’s ultra thin and weights about 2.4 kilos, it’s elegant with it’s glossy external lid and the nice frame, it’s refined with the special made keyboard and it also has a great technical feature that permits you to get advantage both of the audio and video part of the entertainment!
Enough about the awarded gadget X-Slim X620, let’s talk about X350 and X360. These two are 13.4 inch display notebooks, which also presume reliability, elegance and style, with the thin exterior “pack” and the ultra quality of the technical features! These models are very thin and weigh about 1.5kg and have a really slim thickness if it can be said in that way! These two notebooks are reliable and their batteries resist up to 9 hours and let’s remind about the special features of the MSI exterior models and patterns of the lid that create a wonderful aspect and pattern, glittery and glossy image! These gadgets also have the special designed keyboard and a metallic frame that makes the products resistant!

Another product we should mention about is the 14inch X-Slim notebook that has wonderful aspect, as well, and great technical features! The Chiclet keyboard needs also to be mentioned, it’s a product hat denotes style by the adding of the brown nuance and the entire design! This new stage in the “life” of X420 features the ATi Mobility Radeon HD 5430 nice graphic card and 1GB DDR3 VRAM, let’s not forget about the 3D technology, the long resistant battery and last but not least is the Intel processor!

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