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Msi X350

Msi X350 is all about ultra portability and elegant looks. Indeed, it’s quite an interesting gadget and we’re sure that you’re going to like it pretty much after you read about it.

Let’s see what is this gadget all about and after you’re going to share your personal impression, whether you like it or not. We start with the great design: it has a chiclet keyboard, the unique palm rest that has diamond patterns on it and let’s also mention that you’re going to feel only comfort while you’re typing all your stuff.

Msi X350 2

The Color Film Print Technology on the exterior makes sure that your notebook has a textured look and that it is protected from accidental scratched, so you can be sure that the Msi X350 will always look gorgeous, stylish and elegant….

The multi-touch touchpad makes sure that you realize multiple functions and playing in your windows and applications won’t seem a problem anymore: you can zoom in and our, rotate an image and scroll up and down the webpage without any problem. These being said, you won’t have any problems when it comes to using the components of this gadget.

In order to fit the great looking design this laptop has an Intel Core 2 Duo processor that will fit with the great looks. Let’s also mention that it is equipped with the CULV energy-saving platform and this is an outstanding thing, because you’re going to be able to save some power and you can take advantage of this computer’s application for a longer period.

Throughout the HDMI application you can enjoy your movies on a large screen and also let’s not forget that the Msi X350 has DirectX10 features and HW decoder features, which will be more than enough, making sure that you get advantage of a multimedia experience like you do with no other gadget.

Msi X350 3

We were mentioning something about the Intel CULV platform that helps your gadget have a long time battery life that will go up to 9 hours or more. You can encounter Msi’s exclusive ECO technology features that make this possible and your laptop more reliable.

In what concerns the specifications we have to mention some features, shouldn’t we? Well, this gadget has an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, there’s recommended the Windows 7 Home operating system, 4 GB DDR2, we didn’t mention either about the 13” WXGA that will be more than effective when it comes to the entertainment stuff ( and it’s Glossy), the 500GB SATA, 8 cell battery that is ideal for a long life battery resistance, the wireless functions( including the Bluetooth), the 1.3MP camera that will be more than enough when it comes to maintaining video conferences with your friends and closest ones.

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