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MSI’s new R5870 Lightning Graphics Card

Some days ago MSI released the R5870 Lightning Graphics Card with 15-phase Power Design! This product represents itself through top-quality! Not only does it have great components used in its manufacturing, but in the same time it has great features. We’re going to speak about these features later on, because we’re going to give each one of them some extra space.

With this new product you can be sure that you have high performance and reliability, all these at the newest level possible. If you’re a gamer the R5870 Lightning Graphics Card with 15-phase Power Design is especially designed for you! You’ll see how its features merge in order to offer you a great gaming experience and not only….

We were mentioning about some features, and these are: the 15-phase power design, an exclusive all Hi-c CAO|P for GPU power, two 8-pin external power connectors, interesting PCB design (Lightning Power Layer) and many others….

MSI's new R5870 Lightning Graphics Card 1

MSI's new R5870 Lightning Graphics Card 2

So, we were speaking about the 15-phase power design, the two 8-pin external power connectors and the LPL! With the 15-phase power supply design you’ll get extra power for the GPU. The 8-pin external power connector assures the product to receive great power supply. The Lightning Power Layer is especially meant for the GPU feature and the memory power, meaning noise reduced and stability of the power supply.

The hi-c CAP comes to strengthen the components that were already used previously by MSI. This new feature can’t be compared with the others, because it’s much more resistant and it has 8 times of lifespan. Other features regarding it: low-temperature and high reliability, it’s cooler than the others and you can be sure that it won’t let you down! The military-class components have this ability of offering the best of their features at the lowest temperatures. There are also the Proadlizer capacitors which offer you the great feature of saving power and also the lowest temperatures possible.

The R5870 Lightning graphics card has the incredible MSI Afterburner software that permits the Over Voltage Function of the GPU to be supported! You can be happy from now and on, because this product seems to be especially meant to make your life easier and to get advantage of the great proprieties and features. Good luck in the gaming field and not only, because as you can see MSI has only great news for you!

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