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MSI’s program in 12-K schools

We’ve been mentioning over and over about the big companies that are involved in the educational system and here’s another one that has started a new program that will end in the last month of this year.

We’re talking about MSI and its future involvement in schools. Let’s see what this thing is about and we only want to express our gratitude for all the things that the big companies do for the future of the kids that represent our future in the same time.

This program takes place in K-12 schools in the United States. It started in the final days of March and it will end in December 2010. This movement involves all these schools and there are introduced special prices and one in life promotions that are only meant to assist the educational system in this harsh period.

This is program is under the name of “The MSI Education Reseller Program” and with this involvement the reseller partners will offer an optimal service to their customers.

So the educational system will be definitely advantaged because the educators and the students will be offered cheaper products and so they easily can browse on the Internet and use it for the classes in educational purposes, but not only….

We all know the great advantage of the existence of a mobile computer in classrooms, because we already mentioned some words regarding this topic in previous topics.

There is already a group of resellers formed and schools will get advantage of affordable notebooks and laptops and also face award wining gadgets, support and assistance every time they need it.

Besides the things mentioned above we feel like mentioning that there are certain products involved, gadgets that MSI offers to the educators and students. Also, this program has some other subcategories that the educational system can get advantage of: for instance there are 30 day trials in which the students and educators face with the award wining products like Wind U130, Wind U135 netbook computers and also Wind Top AE1900 or Wind Top AE2010 the last two are all in one PCs.

Another part of the program includes a 30 day period in which prices are lower, more specifically in the days when these products are presented to the students and professors they can purchase the gadget at a special price.

Let’s also mention that all the schools are involved in this program, but in order to participate they should sign in for the program and they can win 20 marvelous prizes. The first place wins 20 Top all in one PC and the second wins 20 Wind 10” netbooks.

So if you’re interested in participating in MSI’s program you might as well enter the official site of this brand and you’ll see all the details there. It sounds tempting, doesn’t it?

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