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Notebooks or netbooks? It’s kind of hard to decide on a particular category, but the main differences consist in size and performance. In the lines to come you’re going to definitely decide on a particular category and you’re going to know what suits you and what doesn’t.

When it comes to netbooks the price between you can find these is very well delimited and we’re speaking about new gadgets: from $280 to $600, and this means pretty cheap gadgets. What is this netbook best for? Well, you can definitely email, send instant messages, collaborate with another gadget and read all your files and folder. Also, you can easily surf the internet, you can blog and be sure that you’re going to obtain the “basic mobile” experience as long as you use these gadgets.

Let’s also mention that you can easily load productivity applications very easily. For those that are young and want to learn how to use a mobile computer this is ideal and they can also learn really easily from it. Another great thing about netbooks is that students, educators, enterprise consumers and business men can easily carry it around with them and this is definitely a big plus.

How about the display size of the netbooks? Well, to be more clearly these are different from those of the notebooks and this can be seen with eyes wide open: these have between 10.1” and 11.6”.

When it comes to the operating systems, you can apply for numerous versions of Windows XP and Windows 7, to be more exact there’s the Windows XP Home or Windows XP Home Pro that you can apply for, or the Windows 7 Starter, Windows 7 Pro or Windows Home Premium.

The hard drive capacity of these gadgets can go from 160 GB to 250 GB and this can be more than enough for some of you, for those that want to use their gadget only for daily activities and things like that: blogging, Instant messaging, browsing on the web and talking with friends.

The battery life of the netbooks can vary. You can find netbooks that can have a short battery life resistance or some other that can go up to 7 hours and this can be more than enough if you’re a student that carries his or her gadget at school or at college with him or her.

When it comes to the communication features you can be sure that you have all that is needed. There will be no problem in case you want to use the wireless function or Bluetooth because these are included.

As for the processors that you are likely to find we would like to mention the Intel Atom processor and the AMD Athlon X2 ones, these are often used.

A bad thing for netbooks may be the fact that these don’t have an integrated optical drive and this can be a bad thing for those that are got used to burning CDs and DVDs, but use the stick and you won’t have any problems, be sure of that.

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