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New Apple laptops

If we’re speaking about new Apple laptops our thoughts go directly to the official Apple store and the gadgets that you find there, are absolutely magnificent due to their features and good looks. Also, if you want to purchase a new laptop you can’t find one that costs less than $1000.

Throughout the time we’ve been talking about different products from Apple and you surely must have made an idea in what concerns these. This time, we’ve chosen to speak about new Apple laptops and their additions, the new features with which you can observe them lately.

So, the first product that we want to mention about is the Apple MacBook that has at the basis the next generation NVIDIA graphics- and you’re going to receive more speed and efficiency in the same time, so many things that you can do with the help of this powerful features….

The battery life resistance goes up to 10 hours and we think that this is more than enough for you- charge the gadget once and you can stay and blog as long as you wish, so here’s another big plus that you have to take into account.

Apple laptops

There’s also the glass multi-touch track pad that you need to take into account- it offers you plenty of room for browsing and navigating and the usage of multi- touch gestures won’t seem a problem, move down and up the pages in a smooth manner with the inertial scrolling.

The unibody enclosure is also a great feature, it’s great to be taken into account because this means carrying the gadget easily in all the places you go and so, you can place it easily in the back pack or in the sleeve.

The Apple MacBook Pro needs to be mentioned as well and it has almost the exact features, the only difference consists in the display size…. Also, pick your own configuration and you can end up with the laptop that you’ve always dreamed of.

The Apple MacBook Air needs to be mentioned once again in this review as well. The fact that makes it this interesting concerns the dimensions, which are relatively small, its thinness as well as the fact that it’s lightweight and efficient in the same time.

This gadget is designed with flash storage, being reliable, fast and it’s going to snap into life in an instant.

There’s also the multi-touch track pad that we mentioned about in the other gadgets as well and which we’re sure you’re going to get used with immediately.

The long lasting battery life goes up to 7 hours in this case and you can keep the laptop in a standby period of 30 days- indeed interesting.

There’s also the built-in camera that will also seem an interesting feature, whenever you’re on the run you have the freedom of chatting with your friends and closest ones.

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