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New BIOS features by MSI

MSI brings you innovative BIOS and we decided to talk a little bit about the BIOS features regarding the new P 55. And what are these new features? These regard the U-Key, the OC Stepping, the OC Profiles and M-Flash.

So the U-Key is that feature of the BIOS that permits the users to protect their systems by a password confirmation on an USB stick. This U-Key can be defined on the BIOS: in this case the consumer has to dedicate the password to the USB stick. There’s also the need to mention that the U-Key on the USB is needed every time the user wants to enter the OS. So here are some basic steps regarding this feature: use the USB disk for making the key, even if the BIOS is updated you’ll be able to save the key number in BIOS ROM and the last step is to check the U-Key.


The next feature we want to talk about is the OC Stepping. MSI implemented this feature in the BIOS in order to avoid boot crashes after changing certain system settings for OC abilities. This means actually a delay of these overclocking settings in order for the new system settings to be activated when the OS is completely loaded. You can adjust this delay directly from the BIOS.


The users can create different OC profiles in the BIOS and can save the adjusted system settings. So here you have six storage groups of BIOS settings, which are very helpful for OC profiles, you can name these 6 as you wish.


With the M-Flash feature the users can load, update, repair and backup a BIOS. With this future you can also detect second BIOS, before implementing it in order to avoid some errors. Here are some basic steps: you have to backup BIOS into USB drive, the next is the standalone update from this USB drive, the other step is to repair the damaged BIOS and the last one is to load BIOS from the USB drive and boot up.


The other BIOS features remain the same, have the same capabilities and function and you know them, don’t you? The extreme voltages, the ClockGen Tuner, Improved help Function, APS, CPU specs, memory-z and advanced memory timings. There’s no need to talk about these, because there’s nothing new about them. All is known and we just wanted you to know all these new things that MSI suggests us.

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