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New Dell laptops in the E family

Here’s some fresh stuff about Dell: the Dell Latitude E series (or family) of laptops will have new additions and this piece of information doesn’t do anything that make us smile and be happy, right?

This line will be much more affordable for the public and it is going to have services and software solutions. Accordingly to some statistics in the next period (more specifically in about three years) there is expected a growth of 27% in the sales of commercial laptops and that’s why the great producing companies offer a great range of products and let’s admit that it is a tricky situation.

When it comes to using this new line of gadgets let’s admit that there are some additional “features” that help the consumer like the new line of processors from Intel (you already know a short story about these) and also the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system. These two help the user to live a great mobile experience with a laptop what is working fast and accepts easily multitasking and also it has programs that can be handled easy.

New Dell laptops in the E family 2

The Dell Latitude E-Family laptops are now renewed with the Dell Latitude E6410, E6410 ATG laptops and also the E6510. depending on the feedback that was received from the customers the gadgets from this line have at the basis the new Intel Core i7 and i5 processors, with extraordinary DDR3 memory and HD displays, but not only these features, there are also some other ones….

Besides the great things mentioned above, things that were added to the newest laptops released from Dell there are also some extra hours of battery life and great looking aspect (with a range of extra three colors).

Here are some things about the newest laptops ion the Dell Latitude E Family, the E6410 has a 14.1” display and E6510 has a 15.6” display, with a starting price of $1,129 and $1,164. Also these two have integrated a 3 MP web camera and discrete graphics from NVIDIA for advanced productivity and great effects.

Another thing that you need to know is the fact that the Latitude E6410 ATG with 14.1 “ display is presented as a semi-rugged laptop and it enhances its productivity depending on the terrain or location. It is especially designed to resist to humidity, altitude, temperature, shock and vibration.

New Dell laptops in the E family 3

And this isn’t enough! There are some other new features about the newest products in the E series: a Fast Response Free Fall Sensor that will certainly be helpful if you drop the gadget. An optional Dell Latitude ON technology, Energy Smart power management and other protection features.

As you can see Dell offers its consumers only great things and we’re happy to hear about this new stuff!

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