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New Inspiron R laptops from Dell

For those families that want a gadget to be manageable when it comes to daily functions and not only Dell has released the new Inspiron R laptops. As you can observe this great brand wants to satisfy all needs and it seems that more and more gadgets under the name Dell satisfy more and more tastes and needs.

Be sure that you’re going to always be entertained with the help of this gadget, you can browse with easy between your personal files, you can share videos and photos no matter where you are and let’s also mention that with the help of the built-in webcam you can maintain video conferences and not only…. Theses gadgets offer you smooth surround sound and video playback in the same time.

The Inspiron R line has several displays dimensions and this is another thing that indicates the fact that it’s meant to satisfy all tastes: it has 14” screens, 15” or 17” versions. Also, besides the dimensions which are great and these laptops seems to be fit to be carried around, these have glossy finished with chrome accents as well as the curvy margins. All of these permit you to carry the laptop no matter where you go.

Dell Inspiron R

Image credits: CNET.com

Another thing that needs to be mentioned is the fact that this gadget has the Dell Dock timesaver features that reduces time when it comes to searching files and applications – videos, pictures etc. There’s another feature for which you can apply for and it’s the Intel Wireless Display that permits you to see all you want to see from your laptop’s display to a HDTV without the usual need of a cable. The Microsoft Office 2010 is pre-installed on these laptops and the students will be definitely the happiest category of them all, because they can do all the applications they need and wish!

Besides the fact that it has the diversity in display sizes, this line of laptops has different configurations from where you can choose from: the Intel Core i3 or the Intel Core i5, which you know that are the newest products from Intel. The displays that were mentioned previously have a high definition resolution and this will be more than enough when it comes to viewing movies and doing all your entertainment activities.

You can choose between several color tones for the Inspiron R gadgets and these are: Peacock Blue, Tomato Red, Lotus Pink and Mars Black.

There’s also the built-in wireless feature that will permit you to connect with the most popular hot spots and this is more than enough.

You can choose an optional 1 GB ATI graphics that will provide all the realistic video effects that you need, there’s also up to 640GB HDD and up to 8 GB DDR3. As you can observe the Inspiron R gadgets ensure you only the best features.

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